Thursday, February 22, 2018

Inspiration for Farmhouse Rose Afghan

Our "Little Red Scandinavian Home" is the inspiration for the
"Farmhouse Rose Afghan"
 from yesterday's post.
A pattern that is feverishly and excitably taking over my life. 
(Update - The pattern is now available and can be found by clicking here.)
The inspiration is more specifically a "Barn Quilt" 
that has been designed and painted to look like a Granny Square. 

It's difficult to see it in a photo far away,
 so here are a couple of close-ups before installation:

Note the "Crocheted Rose Clock"...
these are everywhere...
in every room...
in every color combination...
including the porch! 

So I'm off to continue writing...
Have a happy and koselig wintry day and,


  1. Gorgeous and sure do love your barn home xoxo

  2. I do love your little red and white Scandinavian Home nestled in the trees and snow. I love the barn quilt painted like a granny square and your new project in blue and white with the red rose will look perfect there! I also saw the pretty white clock with blue flowers! Everything matches!

    So lovely to see you blogging again, Astri and with all these exciting new patterns!

    1. Thank you Sandra. It's so nice to reconnect with you again. Thank you for being patient and being there. :-)

  3. Oh wow your Scandinavian Home is magical it looks like it has just stepped out of a fairy tail. I love your Barn quilt it matches perfectly in every way. :) xx

    1. Hi Linda. Thank you for your comment. I'm glad you were still blogging and thank you so much for your nice comment.

  4. Im Gisela. I was born in North Germany. Now i living in Italy with my family and i missing the Snow. This foto is magical.I love a granny square and your in blue and white with the red rose will look perfect there! Very lovely I will follow you.