Monday, February 11, 2019

Koselig on a Winter's Day

We had a beautiful snow storm last night;
an additional 6 inches on top of the existing four feet.
It really is so magical!
On a snowy day like this I like to stay in,
 light candles and play with the yarn for my next project.

What "koselig" activity do you like during a stay-in day?

I hope it involves some:



  1. It's so lovely to stay cosy at home when it has snowed outside! I probably enjoy similar activities to you on days such as those: crochet, looking through patterns for a new project, reading and oh er... crochet! Yes, candlelight is great and I like the fresh colours of your new project!

  2. So lovely. Ah yes, nothing like a good book too!

  3. I had a snow day today, but we have less than an inch covered by freezing rain. I did get some cross-stitch in though. I am lighting my candle right now.