Sunday, December 22, 2019

3 Days Before Christmas| Crocheted Colorful Snowflakes | Free Pattern Link

On the 3rd day before Christmas...

Colorful Snowflakes
(My scientist hubby likes the looks of this photo.)

Crocheter: Astri Elisabeth
Designer: Sarah London
Pattern: {2012} Simple Snowflake
(Click here for the pattern.)
Yarn: Scheepjes Cahlista
(Click here for yarn.)

Many applications for these colorful beauties...

Gift embellishments/accouterments,

or slip them into a card;
include an ornament hook so they can be used for tree ornaments, as well!
 Be sure to block them,
these were blocked with liquid starch:
Useful after the holidays and into the Winter and New Year, as well.

Happy Holidays

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