Friday, January 31, 2020

Granny Rose Pillow | Tests

Remember these Granny Rose Pillow test squares from yesterday?

Now, they have been turned into square pillows.:

 The only differences:
1)  9 squares vs 12 on each side
2) Colors are different
3) DK weight yarn was used vs worsted weight; 
specifically Stylecraft Special DK and Scheepjes Colour Crafter.

These options, including color numbers and names
 are included in the pattern
or on the photo above.

Thanking you for sticking it out with this pattern for so many years!




  1. Beautiful cushions, Astri. I love the top too especially. Do you do a plain reverse side?
    I've just heard that my heart-shaped cushion has arrived and I'll be receiving it tomorrow, so now I can get to work! I'll keep in touch with you about that!

    1. Thank you Sandra. Yes, I like a plain granny square for the reverse side. Oh that will be fun to make your heart pillow soon!

  2. They're beautiful! I have 2 small cushions, with rather gaudy sequin covers, hiding in the wardrobe, so I might get them out and make new crochet covers for my next project. Best, Jane

    1. Thank you Jane! That's a great idea. I loved that sequin thing a while a go too, but it's fun to change. :-)