Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Isolation Blossom Blanket CAL (Crochet-A-Long) | Test Squares Cushion | Supporting COVID-19 Relief

In gearing up for the Isolation Blossom Crochet-A-Long (CAL)
supporting COVID-19 relief,
beginning Thursday, March 26, 2020,
the pattern has been tested and through this process 
extra test squares were piling up so...
they were turned into a cushion for my studio chair:

It's not too late to join in on the CAL - it starts tomorrow!

Here is the information for the CAL from a previous post:

By making a monetary donation greater than the equivalent of $10 USD to a COVID-19 charity of your choice
 or identifying an at-risk individual or center to receive the blanket upon completion, 
you will receive six weekly pattern steps for the CAL through *April 30, 2020.

Please note: Donations can be made to any community/country or to a global fund if preferred.
Please also note: If you are an at-risk individual, please find comfort in making this blanket for yourself.

Additionally, a Facebook Group has been created for CAL support and sharing:
"Isolation Blossom Blanket CAL (Crochet-A-Long)"
 and can be found by clicking here.

To receive the free weekly pattern steps, please send me an email ( 
stating that you donated to a charity or your intentions for gifting the finished blanket (or both 😉). 
Beginning on Thursday, March 26, 2020, and each consecutive Thursday until April 30, 2020,
you will receive the next step to complete the blanket via email.

The finished project is approximately 33" by 39" (84 cm x 99 cm).
It is a good size for a lap blanket; with hopes to wrap someone in warmth and love
 and possibly a little healing energy.
You are welcome to join in for some "therapeutic group crochet"
 while so many are socially isolated.

If you are interested in joining in,
here is some information to help you prepare for the first step of the pattern:

A few words about the yarn...
If you are in a position to purchase yarn for this project; here are a few color recommendations:
Green yarn for the leaf round seems to really flatter the blossoms.
White or cream yarn as a background color (granny rounds, squares, and triangles)
has been a popular choice.
Complimentary colors or staying in the same color families also yields an eye-catching result.
Including the recipients favorite colors is always received with gratitude.

Since this blanket has so many color combination possibilities,
it also makes a great stash-buster. Using random colors makes for a beautiful work of art.

A few words about that stash...

Perhaps you are someone who is wondering what to do with the ever-increasing mounds of leftover yarn. 
So difficult to discard...memories of beloved projects and gifts from the heart; made with love. 
Maybe this yarn; inherited yarn, yarn from that memorable purchase,
or a yarny gift to you that's been waiting for the perfect project or time. 
Could this be the time? 
Certainly, this yarn possesses an energy that new yarn might not otherwise possess. 
Could this blanket carry triple love energy? 
Love from past projects. 
Love with each stitch of this blanket. 
Loving hope for relief for those suffering from the current global challenges.

If this is good timing for you, please join us...

Helping them, helping us...

I look forward to connecting with you here, on Facebook or Instagram.



P.S. If you are interested in this pattern, but this is not the right timing for you to participate
and you would prefer to purchase the pattern instead, or you have come across this CAL after
*April 30, 2020, the pattern is available as the "Blush Blossom Baby Blanket" at the following Apple Blossom Dream's Shops:


  1. LOVE the pretty bright colors. Nice idea and will help folks that need something to do. I'm a bit concerned about running out of food, but yarn........I'm well stocked up on it, lol Take Care.
    Sandy's Space