Monday, March 9, 2020

Mother-Daughter | Knit-Crochet | Dishcloths

Mor Mor (Mother's mom...she's a very young 85.)
mails knit washcloths my way for me to add a bit of a crocheted border.
(She's so good about sending my "colors.")

It's a fun collaboration of our favorite hobbies.
Mostly I add a picot edge,
 and occasionally a shell edge
(as pictured above and below in the middle).
She knits with various 100% cotton yarn and
I crochet with 100% cotton Scheepjes Catona yarn for the border/edge.
To find shops to purchase this super-duper yarn,
please check out my friend's website by

Please note, that at this time, I am not affiliated with this company, but I love their yarn! 

I hope you've noticed that I don't run ads or affiliations on my site,
in hopes this speeds up the processing of the information you seek.

This may change in the future, but so far since 2011, that's how it's been.

All and all it's a lot of
Happy Knitting and




  1. So pretty and I love the pastel blues with the white!

  2. What a nice collaboration and so pretty.

  3. That's cool. Sometimes my daughter knits pieces parts and sends to me to make afghans with. It's nice to have a team effort. Love the pretty blue.
    Sandy's Space