Monday, April 13, 2020

La Vie en Rose Afghan Crochet Pattern | Re-testing as Pillow in Apple Blossom Dreams Colors

As some of you may know, I have been re-testing some of my patterns from years ago.
I feel like have learned a little bit more about writing a pattern in the past ten years,
 albeit, I think I'll be a student for life. 

My current test is the La Vie en Rose Afghan Pattern.

My M.O. is to test squares from an afghan and turn those test squares into a cushion or pillow.
Well, that's what I have planned for this one, as well.
I thought I would use the Apple Blossom Dreams colors
and then place the pillow it in my studio which is also a guest room.

The yarn is the same as the afghan with
Stylecraft Special DK or Shceepjes Colour Crafter.

The pattern seems to be fine and easy to follow; however, I'm mostly making some formatting changes so that all my patterns look and feel alike in addition to changing some of the verbiage.
I hope to roll out the revised pattern for the afghan by the end of this week.

If you have purchased this pattern in the past, 
I will be happy to send you the revised version upon completion.
The original pattern including the border is currently available in the 

Thank you for popping in and 



  1. I do love those colours, as you know! What a lovely idea to make a cushion! I have bought the pattern in the past and would be really happy to receive the revised version!
    You are so busy with all your crochet projects! This is the perfect time to do them - working with colour is making us happy and busy!

    1. Absolutley Sandra! Yes, thank goodness for corchet during these times.