Saturday, November 12, 2022

Granny Rose Re-mix | Taking Over the Dining Room

 When my projects become too big I move my workspace down to the dining room.
This includes a small desk, monitor, and laptop until the project is done
 and then everything goes back upstairs to the studio again,
 upon completion or upon entertaining. 🤔😉

 There's a lot of moving around and rearranging that goes on in this household. 🤣 
It's a good thing the NVO is so patient!

I finished all the motifs for this blanket and I wanted to show you how they look before they are joined:

See how they curl up on the edges? 
This will all get fixed once they're joined and since 
I'm using acrylic yarn, blocking is really not going to help the situation.
The next step for this project is to decide whether to make some half granny squares
 around the edges or leave them zig zaggy? 
What do you think?

It also seems like my timing is off. 
I'm working on spring colors a month before Christmas, 
but these colors are making me happy and
 I am seeing Christmas decorations in these colors
 when I'm out and about or in and online. 
What colors do you like to use for the December holidays? 
My Christmas decor, just like my home, is primarily red, white, and blue.

This pattern is based on my original Granny Rose pattern with some modifications
 and can be found by clicking here.

The entire motif is worked in the round. 
The petals are a bit different and there is an additional row of loops on the back of the rose
 to create a base for the solid granny square. 
I hope to write a pattern soon.

I'm making these with my Stylecraft Special DK and Scheepjes Colour Crafter stash.

Thanks for following along and as always 
wishing you many moments of



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