Friday, August 4, 2023

Granny Chair and a Half | Crocheted Granny Squares Chair Cover | How To Part I

8 years ago I crocheted a cover for our chair and a half:
Ever since this chair was in a recent video for the Sunnyside Up Afghan
there have been a few requests on how to make it.

So I will attempt to outline some general directions in the next couple of weekly posts.

1) Found a "FREE" chair in a neighbor's yard (in a rain storm) and brought it home.
2) Removed and cleaned the covers.
3) Dried the chair in front of the fireplace.

4) Gathered up a bunch of yarn from the stash in the colors that coordinated
with our decor at that time.
5) Crocheted many granny squares...and I mean many!
Using this pattern from Attic 24.

6) Trimmed them in white:

7) Joined them with the join-as-you-go method:

Leaving an opening:
Secured with three white heart buttons:


VoilĂ !
The first cushion is made!

Stay tuned next week for
Part II,

and until then
wishing you many 




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