Friday, August 11, 2023

Granny Chair and a Half | Crocheted Granny Squares Chair Cover | How To Part II

 Here's Part II of the crocheted cover for our chair and a half:
Ever since this chair was in a recent video for the Sunnyside Up Afghan
there have been a few requests on how to make it.

So I will attempt to outline some general directions in a couple of weekly posts.
This is Part II - see last week for Part I.

When I left you last week we finished with this back cushion:
Here are the next steps:

1) Crochet many more granny squares if you haven't already.
Use this pattern from Attic 24.

2) Trim them in white:

3) Join and retrofit them to the seat cushion and join with the
join-as-you-go method:

4) Join and retrofit them to the main chair and join with the
join-as-you-go method:

5) Secure with yarn on the bottom:

The chair is covered!

After all these years this chair is still kicking, and it's been outside all year long
for the last few years enduring many storms and a lot of sun!
This is a photo from today!
It really hasn't weathered much,
in spite of the fact that it has been well-loved and used.
It has been enjoyed over and over again mostly by the creating
many additional crocheted projects and maybe an occasional nap was also enjoyed
 snuggling up and relaxing in this chair.

Until next time 
wishing you many relaxing and

moments, in your favorite chair!



P.S. Back in the day...there were several posts about this chair with more detail on
how to make it. Search the work "Chair" in the search field at the top of this blog 
and those posts should pop right up. 

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