Monday, May 21, 2012

Carole of the UK

My heart swells with the kindness and thoughtfulness of people that I have never met that are thousands of miles away in a different land. I would have never imagined that a blog that's mostly about me :-) would actually touch anyone so far away and that I would have been touched by so many. If I had known this I would  have started many years ago; so much joy and heartfelt interest on both sides shared by all. It's been a wonderful way to connect with like-minded ladies that magically transform into friends.

A package arrived this weekend from one of my lovely blogging friends and CAL buddies from the UK, Carole. You can find Carole here at her blog called StarDust Gems and Ribbon.
You'll see her beautiful Granny Rose pillow there, too.

Here are the treasures she sent:
 There's a granny bag pattern in this book that I am so excited to try out,
and some awesome chair covers....
She also sent me a pattern for a granny rose afghan similar to the 
CAL Granny Rose that will help me fine-tune my pattern.
As you must have guessed, my favorite part of all is the pin cushion:
Just look at these colors. 
I'm melting - they are so pretty!
It's as if she knew that I have been sticking my pins and needles
 in the sofa armrest next to where I crochet.

Thank you, Carole! 
Your kindness and thoughtfulness brings tears to my eyes and warmth to my heart!

P.S. The originator of this pin cushion pattern can be found here at the
Clever Chesire Cats Blog.
I squeeled with glee when I discovered that this blogger's grandmother is from Norway!


  1. C'est sur on fait de très jolies rencontres grâce au web ;-)
    Magnifiques cadeaux, le livre a l'air très, très intéressant cela me tente de le trouver. Je vais mettre ma famille anglaise sur le coup :)
    Eh bien bons ouvrages, Astri, à mettre en œuvre !!!

  2. Friends from afar are the best! What a special package you have received from your friend. Friends will always have a special place in our hearts.... even if we never meet, it's like we've known them all along.

    1. I failed to mention that many of these friends are in the same land, such as you Mrs. Wild!

  3. You are very welcome Liz. I always look forward to your new blog posts and I adore everything you make.
    You have no idea quite how wonderful I think your granny rose pattern is......several ladies from the crochet club I go to have also made your thank you for sharing it with us all :-)
    You never day, when you have your yarn and coffe shop.....our paths might cross :-)
    Enjoy the book!
    Carole x

  4. What a wonderful package! So many cute projects in that book, and a truly swoonworthy pincushion.

  5. P.S. I always stick them in the armrests too. :)

  6. harika bir çalışma tebrik ederim elinize sağlık sevgili arkadaşım..

  7. I've lost many a needle by sticking them here there and everywhere -- even in the arm of the couch. :/ That is a lovely surprise package of goodies ! Enjoy and have a great week. Tammy

  8. Lovely pin cushion! I too have lost needles in the couch and other places. I always seem to find the ones I drop with my feet :( Great story!

  9. Your comments make me smile. :-) :-) :-)

    Haha - many a pin have my feet found, as well.