Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Snow in Summer

Are you as familiar with that ever increasing list of "Things To Do" as I am? You know, most of the items are little things...such as that last 10% of the project that is so difficult to finish or that something that will take just a couple of minutes to complete but we somehow just simply don't do it because there never seems to be a minute? Well, somehow I have mustered up some energy to commit to turning the list into the ever decreasing list instead of the ever increasing list.
 (Is it possible? I dunno, but I'll give it a whirl).

First on the list for today:
Starch and block those snowflakes that I made before Christmas last year.
AFTER                                                                    BEFORE
Here's how it all went down:

The poor snowflakes hung on the tree all sciwampous this year. 
Seemingly no big deal; no one noticed; however,
Arghhh! the sleepless nights!
Since shortly after Christmas they have been sitting in a baggy on top of the dryer begging to be starched in hopes to be ready for the holiday season 2012.
I have looked at them everyday since and done nothing about it.
(It's a game I play - I think if I leave things out that I will be so bothered by the clutter that I will take care of task at hand, but, NOPE, it didn't work this time.)

A very small part of the problem was that I had never starched and
blocked snowflakes before so I was a bit intimidated.
Thank goodness for the internet, as in about 3 nano seconds I found this
wonderful, wonderful solution to my dilemma:
and in about 3 minutes I was on my way with this:
Thank you so much, Noel!!!
(The link has easy homemade recipes for starch, but I happened to have this on hand.)
and I was fortunate enough to have all the other supplies needed!
This is simply foam board that I took from my "Vision Board" from this post, (my NEW vision is to get stuff done, plus there's always Pinterest; the ultimate electronic space saving vision board.), the printed out template from the above name link, starch, wax paper, tape and pins.
All the snowflakes did not fit on the board so I had to do two rounds, and in order to hurry up the process so that I could get back to "the list", I placed them out in the sun for quicker drying time.
Here's "Snow in Summer" enjoying the sun with our ground cover called "Snow in Summer" .
How weird is that? 
It was all meant to be!


  1. It really makes a difference! I've also made some snowflakes, and they turned out great with homemade starch.

    1. Owwww, I bet your snowflakes are very cool just like the rest of your blog. I am loving your blog. :-)

    2. Thank you very much for your lovely words both here and in my blog:)
      17. mai really is something special! My son at 15 is not that interested in taking part in the celebrations any more, so we had a relaxed day at home this year:)
      God helg, Astri!

  2. Wow - so I'm not the only one who kids myself by thinking that leaving things lying around will spur me on to finish them.... :)

    I've used glue/water and sugar/water mixes to starch snowflakes, but never actual starch. I like to sprinkle a bit of very fine glitter on mine before they dry.

    Just think how glad you'll be that the starching is done, when you decorate your tree this year! (Christmas will be here before we know it.)

    1. We ARE kindred, Sue!

      The glitter sounds like a special touch! I'll check that out next time...fairy or angel dust!

  3. Beautiful snowflakes! I always find something beautiful or interesting on your blog! I have a small drying board made out of cardboard that I use but I like yours and especially the paper patterns! I'll have to make a new one. Still working on my Christmas blanket. One more row of green and red roses then I have to do 39 white roses for the border. I'm really enjoying it. Have a lovely day!

    1. Thank you Sandy!

      White roses on the border will be so pretty - I LOVE white!

  4. la neige qui ne fond pas au soleil ;-)
    A bientôt

    1. You are right...these snowflakes do not melt in the sun. :-0

  5. Fabulous snowflakes......what a huge difference the starching makes!
    Carole x