Friday, May 4, 2012

Man Cave Afghan WIP

Traveling Projects
April and May have historically been busy months for us. 
Many "projects" get put on the back burner until the Spring activities and
 obligations simmer down; however, this season included an 18 hour road trip and 
what's better on a road-trip than an afghan to crochet? 
Especially when your sweetie is happy to do all the driving! Yeah!
This afghan is for the "Man Cave Makeover" series: see this post and this post for the progression of this room makeover.

The blanket was inspired by a Sandy at Teacup Lane.
Click here to see her scrumptious Candy Cane afghan.
The pattern is called "Storm Clouds" and can be found in this book:

I'll be signing off now, for ten days of unplugged bliss, as
#6 (Little Bug) and I are headed to that paradise they call Kauai for a mom and daughter
college graduation trip.
(I may need to take some kind of small crochet project though - lots of travel time...I wonder if a crochet hook is considered a weapon? ;-) )
"Little Bug" 
Class of 2012
Health Promotion and Education

So proud I may burst!


  1. Congratulations on your daughters graduation Astri you have a good right to be proud, I hope that you have a fabulous trip.
    Love your Afghan the colours are lovely, it's similar to the granny ripple I did here for the homeless
    it's a very addictive pattern just like those roses I'm still making them lol, see you in 10 days safe journey :)

  2. The blanket is beautiful! Love the little details in the white area...looks like little flowers.Just love it.. Have a safe trip and congrats on your daughter graduation!!

  3. Congratulations to your lovely daughter. Have a safe trip and enjoy! The blanket is beautiful, and I love Sandy's work, too. xo

  4. Gratulerer med den nydelige datteren.
    Så fint mønster på teppet.
    Ha en hyggelig mor/dattertur.
    Klem, Drude

  5. Such a pretty blanket Astri......beautiful colours and design.....and I actually have the book.....yay!!!
    Hope you're both having a fabulous girly break! Congrats to your daughter :-)
    Carole x

  6. Félicitations à cette studieuse demoiselle, bravo !!
    Voici une couverture encore bien confortable.
    Quoi ? 18 heures de route !!! Ils sont malades ......... ;-)

  7. Congratulations to the graduate!

  8. Wow to the afghan, its a beauty. Congratulations to the little bug! You should be proud, bust away!

  9. Okay Followers of Astri...this is the NVO. The afgan is beautiful, but would you agree that it is no longer a "man cave" once it is placed on any piece of furniture????

    - NVO

    1. Dear NVO,

      Depends on how broad-minded the man is.

      (That sounds like a bad pun - purely unintentional.)

      If a guy can live with floral fabric, he can surely take a crochet afghan.

  10. I LOVE the afghan! That is such a cool pattern!

  11. My daughter would be wishing she was YOUR daughter right about now. What a lovely getaway to celebrate a wonderful life accomplishment! Mine, too, will Saturday. But no trip for us...this economy has kicked our butts! Congrats to you and your daughter! I hope you have a wonderful time! (And enjoy your yarning.)

  12. P.S. I LOVE the blanket! NO...really LOVE it. I like the way the white looks like a flower!

  13. Absolutely love your blanket. The colors are great! I have to get that book. I've been seeing it everywhere. Congratulations to your daughter and have a wonderful trip!

  14. I thought I was done with Storm Clouds...and then you show me another beautiful color combination!!! Every time I come to visit you you have crocheted something that I just love. I love the daisy rows - well at least thats what it looks like to me...little white daises. I'm still busy working on my Christmas Granny Rose throw - another inspiration from you. You keep me busy. Well, have loads of fun in Hawaii with your daughter. Hubby and I went there many years ago for one of my business conferences and loved it.

  15. Fantastic blanket! I love how the white and green rows turn into flowers.

    Kauai sounds beautiful and warm. Have a great time!

    P.S. I always carry hook and yarn onto planes. Never had them confiscated yet....

  16. Hi - I nominated your great blog for a 'versatile blogger award'. Please pop over and visit, for details. Love, Chris

    1. Thank you for the nomination! I'm am so flattered and humbled. I apologize for being lazy about passing on awards but it does not mean that it means any less to me. :-)

  17. Verdaderamente bella!!! besitos Sandra.

  18. Congrats to your whole family on your little one's wonderful achievement!

    The daisy strips on your new blanket are very attractive indeed - another really clever idea!

    Jan Eaton is a really great craft writer - love her clear diagrams and comprehensive instructions.

  19. You are all so kind with your comments about the afghan and Little Nug. It makes me feel so good. Thank you all for you interest and warmth!

  20. Where do i get the Mancave afghan pattern?

  21. Where do i get the Mancave afghan pattern?

    1. It's referenced in the post above: "Storm Clouds" in a book by Jan Eaton called Ripple Stitch Patterns. :-)