Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Kosestua #6 - Closet Organizing

Redecorating is all fun and games until someone has to clean out the closets...
BEFORE                                   AFTER
Clothes were sorted and mostly donated. That felt good. I did; however, keep that zebra print jacket you see in there. :-) This made room for an inexpensive IKEA shelf to hold all the crapbooking  scrapbooking stuff. hehe.
Hey, the paint color is already looking better isn't it?

And the other side of the closet:
BEFORE                                       AFTER
The impact of these changes are not so easy to see, 
but the right side of the closet was reorganized and 
we were able to get our filing down to these 
three metal file boxes with hanging folders.
This took out two filing cabinets that were elsewhere.
Sorting, throwing out and scanning did the trick.
Paperless is such a great place to be, but it takes a lot of effort to get the old stuff there!
It definitely feels lighter.
Perhaps we'll scan more. for more of this "light" feeling
...maybe in our retirement years.

Wishing you a "lighter" day!


  1. I didn't know the NVO was into scrapbooking. Cool. Nice for him to have all that stuff in his Man Cave. Afraid I'm going to have to vote that this is a Cozy Room!

  2. Skal si du er flink til å få arbeid unna. Ryddig og fint i hyllene. D

  3. J'adore quand Astri nous montre sa réorganisation de placards !!! C'est une bonne façon de faire du ménage et se débarrasser des vêtements inutiles est un bon moyen de rénover la garde-robe, n'est-ce pas ?

    1. And it feels so good after! Today we prepare for a yard sale for many of these items and then it's off to Goodwill. :-)

  4. Honestly, Liz, your "Before" pictures look pretty organized to me. My closet won't bear photographing. :)

    1. Haha, it would have never happened without blogging. It's like blogging is my imaginary boss and my followers are my friends cheering me on.