Friday, June 8, 2012

Kosestua #8 - Shelves and Accessories

Happy Shelves!!!

BEFORE                                           AFTER
BEFORE                                  AFTER

This was a memento from our trip to Monterey a couple of weeks ago.
I fell head over heels in love with these lizards.
They fell head over heels in love with each other. :-)
(This was my "We just paid off our house, 
I can buy anything I want" purchase, and this what I wanted.)
The NVO has three favorite books.
This is one of them.
Hard to resist another IKEA temptation.
Must include a family pic, of course!
This is the NVO's family. :-)
That's the NVO in the middle, #6 on his right and me on his left.
#5 and #4's 
Plaster Hand Prints
circa 1984
A rosemaled plate purchased at Rosemaling Camp.
See this post for additional Rosemaling Camp fun!

and a retro clock reminding me that the time for the Kosestua posts is almost up.
Whew, two more posts to go and then it's back to normalcy.

See you tomorrow for family tree fun!


  1. Wow...Look so diferent!
    Everything beautiful
    Greetings from Monterrey México

  2. Det blir så fint. Elsker dragene. D

  3. Hi Astri,
    I just joined your blog today (I've been watching for awhile, but just realized I hadn't joined!)
    All the renovations look amazing! Good job.
    If you'd like to view my blog, it's

  4. The colors do look so bright and cheery. Love how you have tied everything together through paint and accessories. Definitely was a lot of work. Congrats on getting it done. Have a wonderful weekend. Tammy

  5. Like a museum .... How much the entry ????

  6. Love that rosemaling plate and the lacy things from IKEA. And the lizards are hilarious. I can see why you fell for them.