Saturday, June 9, 2012

Kosestua #9 - Family Tree

Unfinished Project
Family Tree/Branch Wall
Inexpensive IKEA frames painted in the colors of room.
One color for each family.

 I am undecided on what to do for the flowers for these branches. 
Originally I thought "Apple Blossoms" but now I'm thinking some
whimsical flowers from this fabric might be nice:
...still thinking.

Oh well in the mean time, I'd like to introduce you to 
the whole *motley crew from youngest to eldest.

*According to a motely crew is:
"An assorted and ill-disciplined group of ne'er do wells"
Perfect! :-)

 This is #6: "Little Bug"
She is at home until she moves away to go to Grad school in
 Washington, Louisiana, or Colorado.
This is #5: "Precious" with our son-in-law #5a
They live in Louisianna.
This is #4: "The Boy" with our grandson "Buckeroo".
They live in Texas.
This is #3: "The Condition" aka "Boo-boo" with his darling partner #4a.
They live in Utah.
This is #2: "Jole Blon" and another son-in-law #2a.
They live in Texas with two of our grandchildren: "Petite Jole Blon" and "T-Boy".
This is #1: "Sugar Booger" with yet another son-in-law #1a.
They have three of our grandchildren: Munchkin, Frankiestein and Gigi.
Gigi just barely arrived and we are a little slow in adding the pic.
(I warned you that this was an unfinished project.)
They live in Minnesota.
And that's the NVO (Papa Ron) and I (Grandma Spicy) in the green frame.
My parents are in the blue frames and the NVO's parents in the red frame. 
My dad lives in heaven with the NVO's dad,
we imagine they are buddies although they never met on earth. :-)
My mom (Mor Mor) and bonus dad (Hans) live in Norway. 
The NVO's mom (Mama Corky) lives in California.

Well that's the entire crew.
I'll post again when the wall is finished with blossoms. :-0

Thank goodness tomorrow is the "Grande Finale"!!!


  1. This is a sweet idea..can't wait to see the finished look! I am from Louisiana also!

    1. It's a small world! Louisiana is awesome and people too. :-) I knew there was a reaon I liked you so much. ;-)

  2. Such a clever idea! Thank you for sharing pics of your sweet family. What a nice way to keep them close when they're so far away.

    1. Thank you Kate! This is the room where we spend so much of our time, so yes, it is nice to have them close in this way. We miss them a lot!

  3. Så morsomt med familietre. Nydelige barn svigerbarn og barnebarn dere har. Jeg er også mormor. Det er topp. Hvor i Norge bor din mor og mannen?

    1. Thank you Drude! And congrats on being a grandmother. My mother and bonus dad live in Bud but the address is Hustad...close to Molde. :-) There's a big Jarlsberg Factory close by. Yum!

  4. Artig familietre du har laget!
    Angående Drude sitt spørsmål; Jeg husker du skrev til meg hvor din mor bor, men i dag kommer jeg bare på at det var i mitt nabofylke Møre og Romsdal...

    1. Good memory, Sonja. They live close to Molde, see above reply to Drude. I was born in Kristiansund N., my mother from a small island outside of Kristiansund N. and my father's family was from Trondheim.

      Next year we spend 3-4 weeks in your part of the country, which I have not visited before. We are so excited. We talk about it every day. :-)

    2. Så kjekt at dere har tenkt dere hitover:) Vi får vel høre mer om ferieplanene når turen nærmer seg:)

    3. Så din mann er geolog... jeg bor i et interessant geologisk område, i følge de som kan noe om dette. Til mannen din:, Skrevet på norsk, men du forstår vel det meste?

    4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    5. Tusen takk for lenken Sonja! Jeg bare å lære norsk, men virkelig liker språket. Jeg må oversette mange av ordene fra sidene, men vil lære mye. Jeg liker å studere geologi Norge. Ofte bruker jeg en fei ord, eller stave det galt! =)

  5. sympathique arbre généalogique. Bon dimanche !

  6. That's an amazing tree and a beautiful family!

  7. What a great idea....your frames look wonderful Astri. You have a lovely family :-)

  8. What a beautiful family you have. I like that family tree idea. Did you paint the branches? (Of course you did, you talented gal. Silly question.)