Thursday, July 11, 2013

Dollar Store Garden - Day 70 (Bean Stalk too!)

It's been 70 days since these little critters were introduced to soil and moisture.
And look what finally happened:
The first bloom!
This one likely bloomed first as it was planted in a sunnier part of the garden than the rest.
See the little guy there on the left?

The bulk of the Bachelors Buttons,
 that were planted in the raised flower beds,
 are so close to blooming:
 They have been LOVING all the rain in the last week.
They've grown tall.
  Ooooo.... I think they will be pretty when they all bloom!
I imagine it will happen by the next update, in a week.

And our little runt from "L's" castor bean stockpile is generating something above ground.
If love is what it takes, this guy will surely survive!

If you have a garden,
 I hope it is thriving!


  1. In the UK we call those wee blue ones corn flowers. You tend to get them here flowering at the same time as poppies in the corn and wheat fields. They will look lovely when they are all out. Jo x

    1. That makes sense as I see a pretty blue color quite often referred to as "cornflower blue". I love that color. Oh I bet the poppies and cornflowers are so pretty blooming together. Blue and red a favorite combination! A couple more look like they are about to bloom...right on the edge. :-) Thanks for stopping by Jo!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Priscilla. The flowers make me happy!

  3. Your flowers are looking lovely Astri! We just finished knocking out our old patio cement last night that was ruined from a fallen tree. Needless to say your garden and flowers are an inspiration that before the snow flies here again our little yard will be put back together with a new patio and flowerbed area! Wishing you continued success!

    1. That's sweet Jen - A new patio and flowerbed will be awesome!!! Just think how fun next spring will be.

  4. Our flowers are loving the rain too....

    Your garden will be extra pretty when all those blue blossoms pop open!

    P.S. You should see Snowcatcher's front yard ... almost every flower is blue. Some I'd never heard of, and all lovely. :)

    1. Oh my I wish I could see it - I wonder if she has ever posted photos?

  5. Your flowers are gorgeous Astri.


  6. All the flowers are gorgeous! Love the colors.

  7. Elles sont très très belles toutes ces fleurs dans ce ravissant jardin bien entretenu :)