Monday, August 19, 2013

For the Love of Snickerdoodles and Dishes

The NVO has three favorite types of cookies:
I have blogged about one of his favorites, Berlinerkranser, here, herehere, and here.
Another favorite is a Martha Stewart Chocolate Chip cookie posted about here
the recipe link is within the post but also here.
And a third favorite and his favorite gift to receive from #6 aka Little Bug, is none-other than the classic Snickerdoodle, which is the quickest and easiest to make, 
and it seems like we almost always have the ingredients needed.
(we shouldn't after last year's pantry clean out, but they somehow creeped back in, but in limited quantities.)
Tonight we made half of a recipe.
And how about these dishes?
I nearly fainted when I saw these at my favorite discount store, TJ Maxx/Home Goods.
(They will definitely will be inspiring a crocheted dishcloth of these colors, don't ya think?)
They are called "Bird Song" by
They are from the UK but I have not been able to find them online, they must have been discontinued??? :-(

I do; however, know where to find the Snickerdoodle recipe...
The recipe can be found here and this is how we do it:
 Roll dough balls then roll in cinnamon sugar.
Smash them down with the bottom of a glass.
(see that label...all labels will be replaced soon with the coolest labels ever...stay tuned.)
Bake and Enjoy.
Just like the NVO:
See how happy he looks, 
he even stops studying Norwegian to partake in this goodie!
Sunday evenings are often for cookie making in our household.

What do you like to do on Sunday evenings?
What is your loved one's favorite cookie?
What is your favorite cookie?


  1. I can see that you have one happy man there Astri and those cookies look good! yes the dishes are very pretty, can't wait to see your labels. On Sunday evenings I like to chill with my crochet and watch an episode of Merlin, I won't make cookies just for myself because then I would have to eat them all too, resulting in one rather large Linda. All cookies are my favourites,if I had to choose...I really couldn't all are yummy. :)

    1. Sunday's and crochet should be a required go-together, that's for sure! I may have not ever met a cookies I didn't love either!

  2. hi astri,
    snickerdoodle,chocolate chips cookie and german butter cookies are my favorite.
    love your dishes.
    have a nice day,

    1. German butter cookies! Now there's a recipe I need. :-)

  3. I have been going to make Snickerdoodles for the past week and never get to it! Thats it! I am making some tonight!!!
    Love them! :)

    1. Oh yay! Gotta' love the Snickerdoodle. :-)

  4. I used to make snicker doodles for my kids they love them and the name lol

    1. You yes Wendy you made me remember what a fun name they have too - I was all wrapped up in eating and photographing that I forget about their whimsical name!

  5. Mr. M's favourite cookie? Tossup between double chocolate and oatmeal-raisin-chocolate chip. But what he really likes best is oatmeal chocolate chip cookie DOUGH.

    My favourite? Probably shortbread, with chocolate chocolate chip and berlinerkranser tying for second. But we both love snickerdoodles with their cream of tartary tang.

    The NVO does look happy. And what pretty plates! :)

    1. OH man, I know what you mean...I stand corrected - these are the NVO's favorite doughs. haha. Sometimes I hide dough in the back of the freezer but he still finds it...sometimes I find teeth marks in it. ;-)

      My favorite cookie may be oatmeal raisin...I like the spices! Cinnamon is healthy right?

  6. My husband loves snicker doodles and my son and his girlfriend make them for him all the time. Me tho, I LOVE chocolate chip cookies, warm from the oven, with ice cold milk.

    1. Ok Kim, my stomach just made a loud wanting sound. You had me at ice cold milk. ;-)

  7. Astri- all of your cookie recipes look wonderful. Your hubby is so lucky to have you bake for him as you do :)


  8. Hmmmmmmm, de jolis biscuits à la cannelle, très bons j'en suis sûre, pour accompagner une journée d'été, en plus avec un Apollon pour nous servir, c'est la fête !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Oh I love those dishes! Anything with pink flowers and birds. They are similar to my living room curtains!! I made your choc chip lemon cookie recipe and they didn't last long in this house! Not sure whether I got the quantities quite right as I had to convert the cups to grams but they were delicious anyway. I've now bought myself a Tala dry measuring cone and I'm going to try the recipe again using this. Nice photos of your hubby! X