Saturday, August 31, 2013

When the Two Most Popular Posts Meet II

Lavender and Pale Green

Lavender and Lavender
The basic pattern for the mitered dishcloth can be found in my Etsy shop here.

This "rose done in the round" pattern can be purchased here as
Step 2 of the Granny Rose pattern in my Etsy shop.
The picot edge is included in Step 5 of the Granny Rose pattern 
and can also be purchased in my Etsy shop here.
You can also purchase all five steps of the Granny Rose pattern as a package via Etsy here.
They are all instant downloads.

 Since I used the Tilda yarn from My Rose Valley, which is a lighter cotton-blend,
 the rows were increased to 43 from 25.
If you don't feel like making some, but want some anyway:
These dishcloths can be purchased in Etsy shop here. :-)

Follow the path with lavender:
(Random...I know...but it's lavender...)

These are also a great stash-buster for Linda and Ana's Stash-Buster challenge,
The challenge goes until the end of 2013.


  1. I love this pattern! Never thought about pimping them with a rose! Love that idea, it makes the potholders so nice!

  2. Astri,
    That is the beauty of lavender!
    I love it ....
    Your colors are great!
    Have a nice weekend and days in September!

  3. Very pretty, you did a great job.


  5. Hello Astri, Your potholders are very lovely. The colors are glorious and the path of lavender I am sure smells heavenly. Hugs Judy

  6. Very pretty - they're sure to brighten up anyone's kitchen. :)

  7. very pretty, lavender n lavender more cool to me

  8. Such pretty colors. I haven't done any stash busting in a while. :/ Have a good weekend. Tammy

  9. You can never have too much lavender in my opinion. My house is full of the scent after spending some time today gathering the dried heads and crunching them in my hands for sachets. A nice autumn job! xx

  10. This work is a dream Astri.Lavender is a beautiful herb♥And you make so nice pictures.
    I wish you a very cosy sunday,
    hugs and greetings,

  11. Ilove your new pot-holders in Lavender and green!
    I just wanted to mention that I finally got the hang of your Granny Rose tutorial (the youtube link you gave with the pattern was a huge help!) and now I'm making those lovely roses in double quick time, almost automatically! I'm going to use them on an autumn wreath I'm planning on making this month! I love the rose! For anyone hesitating about buying your pattern, I can thoroughly recommend it! Greetings, Sandra

  12. Astri these are just so gorgeous, I do love your work, you are so talented. Lavender is my favourite plant and we have some outside - it is always so nice to smell it when the doors are open. Thank you for a wonderful post as always Astri
    Lots of love

  13. So beautiful Astri, I am drying some lavender now, I love the fragrance, your dishcloths are far too nice for dishcloths :)

  14. Wow....what a lovely and great combination...I love them....great!Beautiful!

  15. Très joli aussi dans les tons lavande, mais je préfère les miens !!!! Merci encore ;-)

    1. I like your colors too - the richness of the red and teal suits us both well!

  16. Hola amiga!, ya te seguì para aprender el cojìn de rosas... me quedó muy romántico!!! Gracias por enseñarme cosas tan lindas!
    Ahora voy a hacerme estas hermosas agarraderas para seguir aprendiendo!!! Besos desde Argentina!!!

    1. Excellent Stella - please let me know when you are finished. I would like to see photo if available!

  17. Beautiful potholders! Delicious color-combination, and they look so great with the rose on! :-)

  18. I'm so sorry the pattern is not free any more... I pinned it, and now I've wanted to start the project for Christmas gifts.