Saturday, August 10, 2013

Lemon Cookies With or Without?

Tonight we entertain...
Or perhaps, in this case, tonight we will be entertained.
Let me tell ya', this is the kind of stuff we do when we whoop it up!

You see, we have a friend that claims that soft lemon cookies are better without white chocolate chips.
I beg to differ. :-)
So this evening we will find out which version wins, as we will have a taste test. 
A double blind taste test.
 (I do not know what that means, but I've heard it before and it sounds like what we are doing because, at this age we are becoming blind, and then we will add a blindfold to the mix). 
Yup, double-blind.
Which do you think you would prefer?

I will post this evenings results in the comment section tomorrow. :-)

You can find this delicious recipe here at The Baker Chick site.
Thanks Baker Chick!


  1. Yummy Astri and I reckon with the white choc chips, but then again would love both ☺

  2. As the owner of a very sweet tooth, I'd have to agree with you Astri! But I haven't made this recipe (yet!) so your friend might be right! Which means I shall just have to give it a go and, like you, taste both, alongside one another! Looking froward to seeing which version won in your house on this occasion! E x

  3. Isn't everything better with White Chocolate Chips? lol Actually, I think I would love both versions because Lemon is my absolute favorite! I can't wait to hear with one won in the double blind taste test. ;) Thank you for sharing the recipe link...I'm heading over there now to get that recipe!

    Blessings - Julie

  4. I actually don't like chocolate (shock horror!) so I would prefer them without...


  5. Well now I'm not a white chocolate fan but I imagine they would make the texture softer and more chewy so I'm with the chips! Jane x

  6. I'm sorry but I would have to have one of each because they will both be yummy, but one of each will balance out the flavours :)

  7. Haha, your comments definitely put a BIG smile on my face.

    The white chocolate chips won hands down - even with our friend. :-)

    Now I'm thinking dark chocolate and lemon might be good....or orange and dark chocolate or raspberry and dark chocolate...oh shoot the brain does not rest. ;-)

    1. By all means go for the orange and dark chocolate or raspberry ditto - those are heavenly combos. :)

      These look divine with their little bits of lemon zest. :)

  8. Definitely the choc chip version as anything with chocolate always wins with me! xx

  9. Thanks for welcoming me back from my holidays. I would say with choc chips but I have little girlies and then they would definitely eat them! Jo x

  10. Oh I would definitely say WITH chocolate chips!
    M x

  11. Astri both look scrumptious but my urge is to have the ones with the chocolate chips please - a fab recipe thanks so much.
    Lots of love

  12. Sorry I'm late for this, but being myself a chocoholic (although of dark chocolate only) always with chocolate if there is the option, even if it is not dark . . . :-)