Monday, December 9, 2013

Cando Week Ending 2: Vacation

I CAN vacation and maintain my weight.
And what helped me most?
I CAN drink decaf in a local coffee shop!

Going on a mini-vacation and sticking to the Cando plan takes some additional planning.
Typically on the top of our list of things to do, once we arrive at our vacation destination,
 are to find restaurants that we would like to try. We approached it differently this time.
 This trip we checked out coffee shops instead and that was an absolutely delightful redirection. 
I CAN sip on a cup of decaf and enjoy the ambiance while keeping the calorie consumption in-check. 

We also located the closest market to our hotel room and then walked there.
We did eat out a couple of times and found that every restaurant could accommodate healthy choices,
 sometimes they were even highlighted on the menu. 

Additionally the following kept me on track:

1) Knowing I had to weigh in today.
2) Continuing to drink water, getting enough sleep, walking, and eating before 6:30 PM.
(These were challenging but for the most part just being aware helped.)
3) Bringing something to keep me busy (Can you guess what that starts with a "C"... :-)  )
4) Being thoroughly entertained by the NVO's company.

This morning's stats and thoughts:
So close to my goal of 143.5.

I'm fine with that...but what did I learn for the next trip?

1) Make water more fun by
packing some sliced lemons, some fancy water (hey, it's a vacation) 
and a couple of pretty water glasses for the room.
2) Pack a few fresh produce and lean protein snacks in a cooler.

Next weigh-in post: Monday 12/16/13
Goal = 142
This week...FOCUS!

Oh and look what welcomed us home:
Isn't it pretty?

and to think but a few months ago it looked like this:
A different kind of pretty.

Charted Progress:
Goals:  5 lb loss the first week and 1.5 lb per subsequent week.

 If anyone wants this chart with the formulas, I would be happy to send the Excel worksheet. 
Email me at and I will gladly send it and you can customize it to your own plan.
The chart automatically updates with each entry from the data on the left.

Have a Focused Day !
(Oh and more scarves are coming for the rest of the week.)
This time I focused on a different pattern; I am so excited to show you!


  1. Way to go!! You are helping me stay inspired on my diet too :)

    1. That's awesome. It's a difficult time of year to do it, but I it can be done.

  2. Awsome and I am trying the no eating after 7, wish me luck lol

    1. Excellent Wendy! I think this is the one thing that has helped me the most. The best of luck to you!!!

  3. That is very impressive for being on a vacation. You are doing great. I think part of the problem with eating habits is just that - they are habits and take concentrated effort to break and change.

    Tony ate some chocolate last night and I almost fell off my chair. He hasn't had chocolate in 3 years. He is so disciplined now. It was interesting because he was telling me how much better he feels now - he used to be very lethargic and had headaches all the time. Now he doesn't have that problem any more.

    Keep it up - you're doing great. Very impressive.

    1. Thank you Kim. You are a HUGE support to me. I am so impressed with Tony's discipline!

  4. Astri, ты молодец! Я тоже глядя на тебя решила не есть после 18.30. Ты меня вдохновила своим примером! И я тоже начну вязать шарфики. Они у тебя такие красивые!

  5. I like your redirected strategies here - quite an effort to change from an accustomed holiday mode of being but well worth it - you are inspirational Astri! E x

  6. Good for you doing so well while you were on your trip. I love the snow, it sure is beautiful.

  7. Wow, you guys got a LOT of snow! Great work on the diet. I envy your focus and determination! :)