Sunday, April 6, 2014

Upside Down Kitchen Update #3

A busy weekend so far...
It's almost a shame to think we are going to paint them white
 as the planks are quite pretty on their own.

Here's the update as of this morning:
 Remaining old floor was removed
 and taken away to old floor heaven.

Sub-floor finished in bath, hallway and
laundry area.

15/32 plywood planks ripped at 6" each.

I really did help.
My job was to push down and towards the guide.

Then the NVO measures, cuts, sands and nails in the planks.

We hope to have the rest of planks installed today, ready for first coat of primer tonight.
Oh and I forgot to tell you, this entire floor, with paint, 
will cost less than $400!
Whew hew!


  1. Wonderful progress on the floors Astri. You and hubby are pros. Wanna come do my floors when your done.


  2. I remember being at that stage well. Hang on in - there's light at the end of the tunnel, and it will look absolutely fabulous when it's finished. Three months after finishing our major works, the chaos seems a lifetime away, and I know you will love your renovated home just as much as I do mine! Have a good week x

  3. Wow, you have done a huge amount of work!! It really is amazing how much you have achieved, especially given all of the cutting that you have to do as well. I hope that you love it when it is finished and can find some time to just sit and admire your handiwork!! xx

  4. Lovely Astri it look gorgeous, light and airy, just wonderful. I am sure that you must be over the moon with everything. A lot of hard work Astri but worth it in the end. I thought of you today when I was in Liverpool as I came across and Nordic church right in the centre of the city - and guess what they were offering - Nordic knitting, how I would love to go on this course. A lovely post as always Astri, sending you big hugs and loves

  5. It looks great, Astri! You're making amazing progress in a short amount of time. And so thrifty!

  6. Great progress and love seeing you helping xo

  7. Digger has the cutest helper ever!! :-)

    Are you totally exited or what??

  8. White is my fav color and I am very sure yours will white planks will turn our just the right way beautiful.... :)

    Have a great week!!

  9. Wow! 400 dollars! You are kidding me!!! It is going to be gorgeous!
    xo Kris