Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Upside Down Kitchen Update 2


 Planks are done.
 See the NVO at the finish line of his part.
I suspect this truly makes him happy!

Changing directions:
We were originally going to paint this floor with shiny bright white porch and floor paint,
but after we laid it we thought it was a shame to cover the beauty of the wood...
yes, the beauty of the plywood. :-)

So we decided to white wash it and if we didn't like it we could paint it later.

Here comes my part:
First I mixed this chalky paint with lots of water - 10-1.
Purchased at Home Depot.
In fact everything came from Home Depot.
 Then I simply brushed it on.
 Now it's time for Polyurethane.

We are thinking we are a week away from putting the kitchen back together,
which is way ahead of schedule! Yeah!

More updates to come. :-)


  1. So glad you decided not to lose the lovely wood effect with paint! Looks great & it's good to see he's still smiling. x

  2. I'm in the same mess as you what fun!
    Hope to show photos soon on
    Love the heart! X

  3. The floor looks fantastic, and you husband looks pleased as punch.

  4. so good to hear you are ahead of schedule. I am sure your kitchen will turn out beautiful.. can't wait to see it...:)


  5. So cool that you are painting your own floors! It's been fun to see it all go in. Now I can't wait to see the finished kitchen!

  6. Congrats on the progress! I like your idea to white wash instead of paint.

  7. Well done you for all of the hard work on this!! I am sure that it will look great and as you say, you can always make it bright white, or more opaque in the future, but it is an awful lot of work to remove! xx