Thursday, April 3, 2014

Want to turn your life upside down?

Then a DIY kitchen remodel will do the trick. ;-)
(You thought it was going to be a new phone, right?....
...well that will do it too!)

Kitchen Progress:

The NVO does things like tear up the old floor and...

...lay down the sub-floor....

 while I do things like paint white...

.. and draw and paint scallops

and organize spices...

and put Fiestaware in rainbow color order:
Who has the more difficult job? :-)
I never go a day without being grateful for the NVO,
that's for sure!

This is our dining/storage room:
Upside Down!

More progress to come. :-)


  1. Wow! This is looking great! There's nothing like a freshly painted, organized room. I remember when we remodeled our kitchen. Our dining room looked just like yours does right now. It's a pain but so worth it.

  2. Ooh I love the fiestaware! Everything looks better in rainbow order. :) Your kitchen is looking fabulous!

  3. Oh Astri - it looks wonderful already! You are so going to love living in that beautiful space. And you're right - NVO is a keeper!!

  4. It's taking shape Astri, it's going to be beautiful when it's done. :)

  5. Your scallops are lovely, and your spice arranging is an amazing sight to behold, I wish that I had the space to do that!! You should certainly keep your NVO! xx

  6. Ah, remodeling. Fun, fun. It's looking good so far. Yes, we love our manly men who can do the big jobs, but I still think all our little ones add up to more sometimes. I love the baskets and tins on top of your shelves. Good luck! Keep up the good spirits.

  7. Love what you are doing! Can't wait to see it finished!!

  8. It is looking fantastic and oh yeah great fun lol Ours was mostly installed by professional but the man did hack up the old
    tile floor and I have pics on my blog in last year around march xo

  9. Yeeps. How I wish I could re-do my kitchen. Looks like an utter mess but I'm sure you will love it when the hard work is over.

  10. I envy you, AND at the same time, know that I could NEVER live through a remodel! Can't wait to see the end results!!
    xo Kris

  11. Your new kitchen is beginning to look lovely!

  12. This will be a lovely kitchen.... I loved your jars....

  13. How exciting, and I love your spring wreath.

  14. En arrivant bien après la bataille, j'ai vu le déroulement des travaux, à l'envers sur ton blog. Quel chantier important ! Mais que le résultat est un succès, félicitations pour tout cela, j'aime beaucoup, beaucoup. Le parquet dans une maison cela donne un côté beaucoup plus chaleureux, parfait !