Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Lawn and Garden Shower - Part 5: Game

Brandon and Monique are getting married in August. :-)
Brandon is offspring #3 of our 6 children.

Sunday, June 22nd we had a shower for the lovely Monique.
I will post a series of posts about the shower.

Today's post is about the:
25 famous brides photos were prepared and taped up with painters tape around the house.
Upon arrival, guests were given the below form and game instructions by Little Bug. 
The three with the top scores after the game was played would win prizes 
(the centerpieces of fruit and vegetables.)
A maximum score of 50 was attainable; two for each celebrity.
This encouraged mingling and something for the guests to do while 
the last minute food preparations were under way.

After the gifts were opened:



The answers were read:

 a tie breaker was needed,
(This is Marilyn Manson, haha.)

and the winners were awarded their prizes:

Then the funnest and funniest part of the party happened next.
See tomorrow's post for that info!


  1. Cute game idea. I really love your series posts Liz.

  2. You definitely made this an outstanding shower! And it looks like it was all worth it! Lovely bride-to-be! Congrats on a job well done! Linda@Wetcreek Blog

  3. What a fun sounding game Astri.