Friday, August 1, 2014

Apple Pie with White Cheddar Crust

Apple Pie without the cheese...
Is like a kiss without the squeeze. :-)

Recipe by Martha Stewart found here.


  1. That looks yummy Astri what a great idea to have hearts on top it looks lovely. :)

  2. That might be the prettiest pie I've ever seen.

  3. My mouth is watering...drewling over here. Thank you ;o)
    Have a nice week end.

  4. That has to be the most beautiful looking pie, and so full of love! xx

  5. La touche géniale avec tous ces petits cœurs ;-)

  6. Yummm! This sounds great! I like to put a slice of American cheese on top of my apple pie serving and have done that for years. The cheese in this recipe sounds like a spin off this old idea of cheese on top. This is one I'd like to try. And I love the hearts on the top! Thank you. :)
    Lee Ann

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