Saturday, August 2, 2014

Monet Granny Rose Pillow How To

I was overdue for another granny rose project:
Monet...Giverny...Water Lilies...(Water Roses?)

and this is how it was made:
Using pattern for granny rose pillow found here with a few modifications as follows:
Roses made with this yarn: 
Redheart Unforgettable in Candied.
(Love this yarn!)

 Leaves were made with this yarn:

Three additional colors of Stylecraft Special DK were used for the
second rows or "granny rows":
 This color is "Sherbet",

 with  "Wisteria" and "Fondant for the other sqaures.
 I added an additional granny row, once again using the 
Redheart Unforgettable Candied yarn from above.
This time I used the join as you go method.

Then I added one row of the granny row,
in Unforgettable Candied all the way around the outside.
(Sorry no photo, but you'll see it in photos below.)

For the back side I made one big granny rose square alternating the
Stylecraft and Unforgettable yarn until it was the same size as the front piece:
A sc row in Unforgettable around to join three of the two sides,
be sure to leave one side open and continue sc around the edge of both sides of the open side.

Picot edge around trim (included in pattern here.)

The open side only needs the picot edge around one side.

Stuffed with one of those $1.49 IKEA pillows that I am so fond of.
 It was covered in yellow for another project.
It might have been nice if it had been pink or blue...but I was too lazy to change it. ;-)

Sew three buttons on the inside of the side with the picot edge.

 No button holes needed as the buttons can slip through the granny spaces,
just make sure the buttons are big enough.

And there's your pillow all done!

"Color is my day-long obsession, joy and torment."


  1. So so beautiful. These are my favourite colours ever! Thank you for the wonderful tutorial :) X

  2. Hi Astri,
    pillow is beautiful! Wow
    And the colors!!
    Have a nice summer weekend

  3. I love your new cushion and the colours are just glorious. Monet's colours indeed! Have you ever visited his garden in Giverny?

  4. Beautiful cushion! I love the colours and I do like that yarn it's lovely and soft. :)

  5. Maravilhosa Astri!! Feliz sábado.Beijo.Valéria.

  6. That might be the prettiest color combination I've ever seen. Great pillow.

    Monet is my favorite artist. :-)

  7. This is so pretty and attractive , and lovely photos to show how it is made.Thanks for the inspiration.

  8. Your pillow is really gorgeous made in that yarn! Love it.

  9. This is just divine, I love it, and a very detailed photo tutorial too, what more could we ask for, thanks so much for sharing :-)

  10. Beautiful cushion, the pattern is so pretty.

  11. Kjempefin pute - og så fine farger sammen! Nydelig! :-)

  12. The chairs now have a new life, and the pillows go perfectly with the fabric! I would not have thought of hanging up a ladder as a decorative item, another clever idea for a farmhouse.
    Exclusive Poise Chair

  13. That is one gorgeous pillow! Love it!

  14. It is beautiful Astri!! So definitely Monet inspired, and I love the pearl flower buttons too, just the right finishing touch for something so very pretty. xx

  15. Even I could learn to love Monet after seeing this pillow. =)

  16. Lovely. How about a Georgia O'Keeffe inspired apple blossom pillow???

  17. Stunning, a truly beautiful pillow, the colours are a dream.