Saturday, January 10, 2015

A Gift of Love: Chile Roaster

You know that, albeit unusual for a Norwegian,
 my favorite food in the entire world is roasted green chiles!
(Especially Hatch Chiles.)
Now, due to the NVO's thoughtfulness and kindness,
fresh roasted chiles can be a daily ritual. :-)
due to:
His gift of my very own personal Chili Roaster!!!
It's amazing!
(Hmmmmm...does anyone know how to get those two photos closer together? I'm baffled.)
UPDATE: Thank you blogging friends!!!
I fixed this with picmonkey!

In any case, just rinse and trim the ends off the chiles and throw the chiles in the roaster,
turn on the propane and heat, turn the crank and roast away for about ten minutes.
The skins slip off easily and they are very easy to de-seed.
They can be used in many dishes...or may favorite... chilled, all by themselves.

And don't ever forget
what real women do:

Have a mildly hot day!


  1. That's something you don't see everyday! What a fantastic piece of kit for something so tasty. I know what you mean trying to get the photos a bit closer, I now use Picmonkey and open the collage feature, makes it a bit easier :-) Have a wonderful weekend and be careful of those chillies!! xx

  2. What a great gadget Astri. I don't do spicy at all. I order a bean burrito at Taco Bell and tell them no sauce.


  3. I've never seen a chili roaster, but it looks awesome! Have a great weekend and enjoy the chilis!

  4. Oh what a neat little roaster, never seen one either and I LOVE chilli's.......Don't you hate when in blog post your pictures
    or in my case the words look right and when I post they are all over the place.....hmmmm xoxoxo

  5. Never even heard of a chili roaster! And not even sure what I'd do with so many peppers! Just pass the Tabasco or Sambal! That is hot enough for me. Trying to keep warm down here in southwest Louisiana, Linda@Wetcreek Blog

  6. I do that in my hoven, I love your elementary roaster, it's look like genius !!!!!

  7. Oh wow I love that little machine! X

  8. Love your roaster what a neat idea, I love chili's too but they don't like me! can you imagine a life without chillies, well thats my life I'm afraid. Blogger isn't very helpful when inserting picture's thats why I usually use picmonkey and make a collage. Have a great Sunday. :) xx

  9. How fabulous!!! Especially to be able to roast your own chillies, how amazing is that!!! xx

  10. Chillies are everyday ingredient of Indian food. Roasted sounds good !!

  11. Det et fantastisk verktøy, virkelig fantastisk! Jeg er glad i stekt paprika og chili virkelig elsker, men egentlig aldri sett et lignende verktøy. Veldig godt!