Sunday, January 11, 2015

Stained Glass Version of The Puffy NOLA Sunset Afghan

Here's what's on my hook:
It's a stained glass version of The Puffy NOLA Sunset Afghan:
Pattern found here.
This afghan is being worked with one strand of Stylecraft Special DK, in
Black, Petrol, Green, Bottle, Matador Red, Lipstick, Bluebell, Meadow, and Royal.

Every other row is black and then the rest of the rows in-between are
 bright vibrant colors as listed above, all from my stash. Yeah!

You see how much more Bluebell I have and how little Royal I have left?
This just means I will need to have a strategy.
That's easy; I will crochet more rows of Bluebell and less of Royal.
Simple as that!
Rows are random - no set pattern or this would not work.
I like winding the skeins into balls, because then I can see how much I
have left of each color and plan accordingly.
The only rule two colors next to each other.
This will make a handsome afghan for a little fella' that I know,
but could actually be turned into an infinity scarf at this point.
That could be stunning, especially with a black coat.
I picture it being worn to a church, a church with stained glass. ;-)

I sooooooo very much love this hobby.
It's calming and fun, at the same time.
I have recently rearranged our living room around the fireplace to
create a cozy space to work on this hobby and this afghan.
 The NVO sits beside me there on the white love seat.
Generally he studies Norwegian or Jiu Jitsu while I crochet.
It's a very good life and I am grateful for it!!!
Cheers to hobbies!
I hope you have one that you enjoy too!

Hey, Apple Blossom Dreams has 996 followers (not including Bloglovin' followers),
 I think it's time for a giveaway once that number hits 1000!
Stay Tuned!


  1. Love this and so enjoying seeing your crochet....I have been a bit lost but slowly coming back to doing a little again
    and does make me feel better in myself xoxo

  2. The blanket is lovely Astri and the colors are awesome.


  3. It is beautiful!!!! I love it! Hope you keep enjoying working on it in your cosy little spot! xx

  4. Hola Astri Feliz Año!!!! Belleza, belleza este trabajo los colores tan alegres y muy bien combinados tus trabajos siempre preciosos y muy prolijos besitos.

  5. What a beautiful new project, Astri. The black really makes those colours stand out, just like a stained glass window!

  6. Your crochet corner looks very inviting and cozy! I also love to crochet. I have found it to be therapeutic as well as enjoyable. Your afghan is looking so pretty! It will be stunning when finished!
    xx Beca

  7. It's beautiful Astri, the colour combination is amazing. :) xx

  8. Looks like a pattern that would keep me entertained. Jo x

  9. So very pretty Astri. I think you are write, it looks like stained glass and somewhat like an abstract paint. Just gorgeous.

  10. Love the flowered afghan on the back of the blue chair Astri! Yes, I'm catching up on lots of old posts - life has been keeping me elsewhere, but something happened today that just made me want to come visit with you xo