Sunday, January 25, 2015

Unfamiliar Color Combination

I would like your opinion, please,
 Do you like this color combination?
I've never mixed these colors before.
I'm thinking of an afghan that would coordinate with
 red oak floors and a big cushiony denim chair and a half.
The yarn is Stylecraft Special DK in:
Gold, Camel, Stone, Denim
(Spice, Parchment and Cream are on their way,
I'm excited to see how they will look, as well.)


(Gosh, this is fun!)


  1. Sometimes it's good to get out of your comfort zone and try colours that are not really your thing you can come up with some amazing colourways. I think the colours will look lovely together especially with the addition of the shades that are on their way, I'm thinking that maybe camel and stone are too similar and may not show much of a contrast but it's not always easy to tell with a photo. Have fun! do you have a pattern in mind? xx

  2. The colour combination is good. Kep with it.

  3. I think this will be very nice, exhiting to see the other colors together with these.
    Not my kind of colors, but they look nice together.

  4. I just put a jacket up for sale in my Etsy shop that is practically those colors - its a very striking combination.

  5. I call those a classic combination.

  6. Maybe a touch of green would tie the neutrals with the blue nicely.

  7. Maybe a touch of green would tie the neutrals with the blue nicely.

  8. Yes!! Beautiful, especially with the shades that you have coming. When you see them all together you will know that it is just perfect!!! xx

  9. I think those colours will look great together and nice for a change, I have a few of those ball colours and do like the denim.
    and look forward to seeing what you come up with xoxo

  10. I think these colors look great together.


  11. You are welcome to join the Link up,next wednesday :) Use the photo for link up on your blog, that way you wont forget it ;) Yes it is real snow. The kids had been playing in the snow for hours that day, we had about -10 ' C Love the photo. I still remember those cold cheeks I could hug afterwards :)