Sunday, March 15, 2015

Bunny Rose - Easter Best

Hello everybody, Bunny Rose here.
While Astri has been very busy in her new job,
 I've been very busy making these accessories for my Easter dress.
(It's my favorite holiday!)
 I made a belt,

 ear warmers,

 and slippers.

Here are some close ups:
These flowers were very easy to make.
Maybe I can talk Astri into making a quick tutorial one day.

This has been keeping me entertained and busy while Astri is away at work.
Astri would like you all to know that she is so happy that you leave comments and still stop by,
although her time lately has been limited for responding.
She feels bad, but hopes it's temporary.
But, I've been having fun, though.

Are you crocheting something special for Easter?


  1. Oh my you look gorgeous.

  2. You did a fantastic job at crocheting your accessories Bunny Rose. Tell Astri I say hi.


  3. Oh how beautiful you look and I bet Astri is very pleased with your crochet and looking so good for easter ☺ Those little shoes are adorable ☺
    A big hello to Astri too from me xoxo

  4. Detalhes tão fofinho amiga,parabéns.Boa semana.Valéria.

  5. I bet bunny Rose is busy getting into all sorts of mischief while you're gone all day.

  6. cute! Love the bunny!
    xx Beca

  7. You look so sweet with those flower accessories, you are really clever to have made them all by yourself. :) xx

  8. Dear Rose!

    Glad you liked the dress qu sent to you !!!!

    He was even more beautiful with the flowers and accessories you used!

    Kiss Pri

  9. Nice to see you, Rose, pretty flowers and sweet shoes! My regards to Astri, too ;-)