Monday, March 9, 2015

Prisea - A Tilda Mermaid from Brazil

Mermaids are pretty cool!
Blog friends are pretty cool too!!!
This lovely Tilda mermaid was sent from my dear friend Pri in Brazil.
I have named the mermaid Prisea after Pri and the sea.

Check out that pretty pearl and jeweled belly button!
Here she is laying on something that looks kind of like seaweed.

She came in a surprise package along with something for Bunny Rose:

And that something for Bunny Rose was this beautiful white dress:
Just in time for Spring and Easter!
Oh, do we have plans of crocheted springtime embellishments!
(Stay tuned!)

 Bunny Rose and Prisea = fast friends.

Thank you Pri!


  1. Welcome, Prisea! I'm sure Bunny Rose is happy to have a new friend. And, Bunny Rose, your new dress is lovely. I look forward to seeing what crocheted accessories you come up with.

  2. She is so cute but I love Bunny's dress.

  3. Adorable, you are welcome to share at my link up tomorrow

  4. What a beautiful gift. I love the mermaid top. Jo x

  5. Prisea is beautiful and looks lovely with Bunny Rose Astri.


  6. That little mermaid is sooooo gorgeous. Lucky you!

  7. Astir that is so fun you have a friend in Brazil. What a cute little mermaid. A special gift for a special friend :)


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