Sunday, March 1, 2015

Smoothie packs

Trying to be healthy...again.
This helps:

Several were prepared ahead of time and frozen.

Makes for a quick and easy get-outta-the-house-off-to-work breakfast. :-)
I feel good when I eat like this.


  1. The smoothie looks delicious. Great idea to prep ahead to save time in the mornings. It always makes the healthy choice so much easier if its quick.

    Good for you on healthy eating. I am doing the same here on my end of the world and its going pretty good so far.

    Have a good upcoming week Astri
    Birgitta xx

  2. Go you and certainly I am baking cookies to take on a van trip but not for me, for one of the van group
    guys who loves my m&m cookies lol......I restrain myself lol...eating plenty of salad here ☺

  3. Thats almost exactly the same stuff I use except I substitute prune juice for the almond milk and I also add yogurt. I take the prune juice and my fruit and put it in silicone cupcake molds to freeze in the freezer. Once frozen I pop them out and store them in a large baggie in the freezer along with frozen banana chunks. :-)

  4. What a great idea to freeze ahead. Mr. M likes his smoothies too - he uses kale for the "green" part.

    It's hard for me to eat healthily during really cold weather. When things warm up I am much more motivated. :)

  5. Oh you are clever. I am trying to loose some veight my self. Not easy at all.