Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Thoughtful Crocheted Gifts

I like giving crocheted gifts,
but sometimes that's not necessarily an appropriate gift if the recipient is a crocheter....

So what's one to do?

Well, how about a gift a crocheter can make?
A "booklet" sized printed off pattern along with a hook (3.75mm) and 
yarn colors you think they would like.
A thoughtful "gift kit" of sorts.

Place them in a cellophane bag,
with a pretty coordinating ribbon.
(That photo was MIA...hmmm...)

This instantly downloadable .pdf pattern
can be found in the following shops:

And a box full of Scheepjes Catona Cuties of every color imaginable
 can be found by clicking on one of the sources here.

Please note:
I'm not affiliated with Meyer's or Scheepjes,
I just simply like and recommend their products.

and Happy Gift Making or Giving,




  1. What a wonderful idea for a gift, Astri! Sadly I have none of my friends like to crochet!! Two of my friends wanted to learn, but it was totally unsuccessful. One of them made the stitches so tight that we couldn't get the hook into them! At least we had some good laughs! The other one lives abroad. I sent her yarn and my favourite ergonomic crochet hook, but she never persevered ... so another would-be crocheter hit the dust!

    1. I understand Sandra, at least we have the virtual crocheting friends. It's not the same as real life but it's pretty fun too.

  2. I'm not a fast crocheter or have much time to crochet, but I do like to gift the things I make. Best, Jane x

    1. Absolutely Jane. I know it is hard to find the time. Seems like the time I spend is generally in the evenings while watching a good series. I'm sure the items that you give are well received, Jane. Thank you for stopping by and thank you for leaving a comment.