Wednesday, June 22, 2011

"50" - A Good Reason to Crochet

Numbers Divisible by Five are My Favorite Numbers

 My co-working buddy "E" is "50" today

I am "50", too. Not to be confused with "50" two. :-)

The NVO and I have boycotted purchasing gifts until our home is paid off
 and maybe even after.  ;-)

"E" has black and white tile, set on a diagonal for her kitchen floor.
She loves black and white and her taste is immaculate; this is one classy lady!
Her accent colors are the citrus colors.

In keeping with the spirit of boycotting purchased gifts, this is my gift, along with lots of love and best wishes, for her, on her best numbered birthday ever!

Happy Birthday "E"!!!

"Gentlemen start your engines..."
I seriously doubt "E" is into car racing; however, these were the first words that jumped into my head when I saw this photo.

You can find the tutorial here.

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