Saturday, June 25, 2011

Eggs Benedict

Saturday Morning Garden Deck Breakfast
with our 5 Star Friends!
Check out the Martha Stewart inspired rose napkin fold.
What do you think? Snappy, eh?

The NVO whipped up his famous Eggs Benedict for our friends "K" & "L".
Served with Lemon Tarragon Asparagus, Potatoes O'Brien and Strawberries Romanoff.
A truly delightful visit.

"K" brought me a luscious low-carb milk chocolate bar.
I can't wait to try this thoughtful treat!

"L" is the giver of the *above promotional copy of "Muskrat Love" 45.
This is a gift that touched my heart like no other.
I had mentioned to "K" that "Muskrat Love" was my all time favorite song and would be played at my funeral. Shortly thereafter, "K" arrived bearing this most endearing gift from "L".
"L" was a morning show DJ on the station that ALL the kids listened to
 when I was in high school ...
 ... in the 70's.
It brings with it lots of good memories.

Next double date we are hoping to play a "What's that tune?" game orchestrated by "L".

It was such a nice time!!!

*It cracks me up that me and the camera are reflected in this photo and that the photo is blurry AND that I even posted it. Oh well, sometimes, good enough is just simply that, good enough!

Especially when I feel a Eggs Benedict induced Saturday afternoon nap coming on. ;-)