Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Flag Day

Today is Flag Day in the USA

I Love The Flag
I Love Flag Day
(For one reason, because it is a non-commercialized holiday;
 hence, there is no marketing pressure to purchase gifts or spend money ;-) )

Oops, I spent a little bit of money:

This shirt will be worn
(Isn't it cute? $5.99 at Kohls - love those bargains!)

These "Target Dollar Bins" pencils (another bargain at $1) will write something patriotic.

The napkins will accompany an all American dinner: hot dogs, hamburgers and apple pie.
I must mention that this meal will be sans buns, and the apple pie crust will be a thin layer of phyllo dough.
We are making every effort to reduce certain types of carbohydrates that have been bad, bad, bad to us and trying to make the best of it :-).
(Hey "K" are you proud?)

Three Cheers for the Red, White and Blue!!!
(My cheers to the Norwegians, the French, the English and the Australians
 on this red, white and blue day, as well.)


  1. I have done the no bun hot dog and hamburger thing. It's a little weird, but then, so am I. Try putting the patty between two pieces of lettuce (this is served at Carl's Jr.) Have a great BBQ.

  2. Thx K! As per your suggestion we used romaine lettuce leaves as "buns" and it was delicious...and the pie was out of this world (brie was added as an extra layer on top of the apples). I may post the recipe soon.

  3. Hello Astri,
    I totally agree with you, holiday with gifts to purchase annoy me.
    Have fun :)