Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Cupcake Poppers

Devils Food Cupcake Poppers
 Prior to frosting,
 a hole was punched in these with the end of  a wooden spoon and then...
...a squirt of maple syrup in the hole
and then frosted with maple buttercream frosting and a chunk of maple bacon.
 ...a squirt of caramel sundae topping in the hole
and then frosted with chocolate sea-salted buttercream frosting and a sprinkling of sea-salt.
No hole in these, just cream cheese and butter frosting 
and a sprinkling of edible yellow glitter and candy pearls.
Devil's Food cake mix and 
(Didn't have cream so half and half was used.)
Separated frosting into three bowls:
1) added maple syrup and a little food coloring for maple color
2) added cocoa and sea salt and a squirt of caramel.
3) added cream cheese and more powdered sugar for the roses.

One box made 5 dozen cupcake poppers.
Baked for 12 minutes.
Used high-altitude directions. 

The exact right size to pop in your mouth in one bite.
So much less mess that way. :-) 


  1. And so much less guilt....

    I sometimes think butter frosting comes out better when I don't use all cream for the liquid - somehow a bit of water-based fluid helps everything gel.

    Love the salty-sweet combos here! Wouldn't you like to take some of that bacon and just dip it in chocolate? :)

  2. I believe I just gain 10lbs looking at all of this!! YUMMIE!!!!

  3. I love reading all your comments, but it's to come back and look at these because they are all gone and I WANT MORE!!! Haha, yes, Sue the bacon would be good dipped in chocolate too....hmmmmm...that has me thinking... :-)

  4. Hi dear. How are you?
    This is the first time that I visit your blog, I didn´t know yet.
    Yours handworks is so beautiful, i loved them!
    I'm following your blog and dont´t lost it more!
    Can be friends?
    Hugs of Brazil!!!

  5. That looks so very delicious !!!! The last ones look very beautiful too. I love the little flower like decoration.

  6. Luv the lap rug! How pretty! Im sure her best friend will treasure it=)