Tuesday, August 21, 2012

My CAL Homies Part Quatre

Here's the fourth installment of 
projects that talented crochet artists
have come up with using the granny rose.
(For instructions and video to make the rose click here.)
Oh my, oh my...look what Monique 
from the Netherland's has come up with.
This bag is fabulous and her choice of colors exquisite.
I may need to make one of these for myself.
Thank you for the idea and the inspiration Monique.
You all can visit Monique here.

Isn't this just the sweetest thing?
Ana of Lanos and Hilos made several roses 
for these adorable hats.
Check out her post here for more roses and hats.

Here's feminine softness from the "Hooks and Books" blog.
What a scrumptious look from Pattas.
Cuddling up in a blanket made of these would definitely induce sweet dreams.

This gorgeous lap rug was made by Donna in Australia for her best friend.
How clever, that Donna, with the alternating rows of these pretty roses.
The neutral colors will be a classic.
What a lovely gift from the heart!

Mamaluke at Artful Rambling's fantastic cushion. 
It seems as though it's been made to match the sofa in the photo. 
How nice!
You can read about her post here.
Here is the very clever back side:
I love how she used a single rose and kept going with the granny.

Keep them coming y'all.
This is so fun!!!
(If I have missed yours, please comment or email me at digger.lizzie@gmail.com.)

All projects can be seen on the CAL page here.


  1. The bag and the blankets are amazingly beautiful

  2. They're all very pretty. I really like the little granny hat with the rose. :)

  3. Everything here is BEAUTIFUL today, but I'm a devoted handbag and tote COLLECTOR, and my favorite just HAD to be the top photo of the rose bag! LOVE it, and I may just have to try to make one for myself! (Monique, I'm headin' right over to your blog now!) ~tina

  4. So lovely to see all the many wonderful ways your rose pattern has been used. That purse is so pretty and the brown/beige lap blanket is gorgeous. Happy mid-week to you. Tammy

  5. Everything looks so colorful and cheerful! Loving the pillow the most!!!

  6. All are very beautiful, I love that bag I would like to make one of those too :)

  7. Thank you for posting my photo! Your rose motif has inspired many of us, and it is really fun to see the different ways others have created their own projects with it.
    I will be forever grateful to you for sharing the pattern (especially the video.
    ♥ Ana BC

  8. All so beautiful, but the bag and the neutral throw really caught my fancy. Look what you've started! :)

  9. They are all awesome I agree! The rose craze continues...here at this home too. :-)

  10. Que de jolies choses à faire avec ces roses !!! Fantastique ! Merci Astri pour tous ces liens de blogs plus intéressants les uns que les autres.
    Bonne fin de semaine,
    Have fun :)

  11. Gracias Astri ♥ tus trabajos siempre me enamoran esas rosas son perfectas y te digo que tienen tu sello y aparte siempre alegres colores da mucho gusto besitos.