Thursday, August 30, 2012


Jeg ser alltid frem til pakker fra min mor i Norge.
A sweet letter and a project for accouterments for the NVO's bunad...
What's a bunad you may wonder?
It's the Norwegian National Costume.

Mor sent the kit for the NVO to make the strømpebånd  that goes 
with the bunad that previously belonged to my father...

The yarns will be woven to create the strømpebånd.
What is a strømpebånd you may also wonder?
It's a type of colorful ribbon-like garter worn at the bottom of the NVO's bunad pants (knickers).

See this post and this post and this post for more bunad details.
That's the NVO on the far left in my father's bunad from Nordmøre.
I like his silly smile.
I like that he will wear my father's bunad with pride.
I like that the strømpebånd will soon complete the look. :-)

Takk skal du ha for pakken mor!


  1. You got a head start on the strømpebånd, I see. I'm also going to make similar ones for the Man's costume, but I haven't started yet. His bands will be white, yellow, red, green and black.

    I've never tried the technique, so I'll appreciate any updates with your experiences :-)

  2. Strømpebånd hører med. Det er stilig. Min mann har bunad fra Hardanger, men han har lange bukser. Jeg synes det er finere med nikkers. Så flink du er som lager strømpebåndene selv. D

  3. This looks fun and interesting....

    Lucky NVO!

  4. Ces costumes traditionnels sont vraiment très beaux. Et le travail consacré à leur réalisation est assez phénoménal.
    Souvent, sur les photos, les personnes les plus intelligentes ont les sourires les plus niais ;-)C'est tout un art de rester naturel sur une photo et ce n'est pas donné à tout le monde !
    A bientôt ;-p

  5. Such nice comments on this esoteric subject. Thank you all.

    And yes, the NVO is very intelligent and sometimes it shows in photos. ;-)

  6. Hi, you don't know me but I just had to leave a comment. :) I am looking to do some rosemaling on my vanity drawer knobs, which is how google led me to your blog. Your blog is wonderful! I love the photo here of your father's bunad - how neat.

    My father is Norwegian and my mother is Swedish, and they both live in Utah (I just moved from there about two weeks ago.) They are very involved in the Swedish Heritage Society there, but also go to the Scandinavian dance classes occasionally.
    Tack så mycket!
    I am so jealous of rosemaling camp - I desperately want to go now. Will continue to follow your blog to see our projects, if that is all right.

    1. Thank you for the lovely comment Linnea. How fun that you found my blog and that you just recently moved from just a few miles away. A big Velkommen to a Scandinavian gal!!! I will be following your adventures and enjoying your beautiful photography, as well. :-)

      I wonder if perhaps we have danced with your folks as we have joined in with that dance group several times int he last couple of years.

      Keep me posted on your vanity knobs and can't wait to see what you come up with.

  7. I think it's fascinating to learn about others culture! Thanks for sharing this....I learned something new today! Shari!

    1. Thank you Shari, how very sweet of you to be interested. Louisiana has a wonderful culture too that I am always interested in learning about.

  8. Hello Astri,
    What are doing now ?
    No news, how are you ??
    Well, I hope !
    See you soon with nice projects on your blog :-)

    1. Hello- All is well, but my job got very busy. :-)