Monday, August 27, 2012

Potato Lefse

I miss Norway...
...this helps.  :-)


  1. Det er bare kjempegodt med smør og sukker på. Ha en fin dag. D

  2. Du får glede deg til du kjem til M&R neste år, for der får du sikkert smake ekte potetkaker...

  3. They look yummy Astri what's in them is that cheese :)

  4. Question : what is that ? And what are you doing with that ? Ok, I understand, that's food, but more details for me pleaaaaaseeee :-)
    Norway is a wonderful land, I know !!

  5. I was brought up by two people from a small town in Wisconsin called Eau Claire. It was mostly Norwegian and German, but I have a LOT of Norwegian in me! I live in Arizona and to say that it is hard to find lefse any time of year is an understatement. I am going back to Eau Claire in October and one of the first stops is always the grocery store for some really fresh lefse!
    I put butter and sprinkle sugar on mine, how do you enjoy yours???? Sandy

  6. Looks interesting :)) but could you tell us the ingredients and how you cook it :))please :))
    Raining here today, Hope you are having a crafty day :))

  7. Mmmmm ... I'm thinking really thinly sliced meats and cheeses, all rolled up - maybe with some tangy herb-y spread.

  8. Well, lefse for my cute and curious friends that have not experienced this Norwegian delicacy, is a delightful flat and soft bread made from mashed potatoes and cream, the texture is close to a tortilla, but better, of course.

    The lefse in the photo were served with butter, and cinnamon sugar. (I am a cinnamon girl.:-) ) They are just spread, cut and simply warmed up a bit.

    They are also very good wrapped around a Norwegian hot dog called a pølse with deli mustard. Mmmmmmmm... very delicious.

    Drude, Sonja and Sandy know...I suspect Mrs. M knows as well considering the Norskies that surround her, although her idea of sliced meat and cheese with a spread sounds just delightful. A wrap of sorts.

    Oh, I do look forward to eating the real thing in Norway next year, although I probably ought to try to make my own before then. My father made them a lot at his bakery, and there is truly nothing like lefse when it is freshly made.

    Sandy - I imagine lefse is difficult to obtain in AZ. We travel to AZ every Thanksgiving and although we do not make lefse while we are there we have a morning where the NVO and I make either Norwegian pancakes or waffles. The family loves it, it has become a tradition.

    Thank you all for your cute comments. Makes me smile. :-)