Friday, January 4, 2013

Nordmøre Bunad Post #1 - Sølje

Pièce de résistance
Nordmøre Solje
The next several posts will be dedicated to the most amazing bunad gifts I received for Christmas from my husband and my mother (who lives in Norway).
I will start with the dessert first, as it is so deliciously irresistible.
You see, this Christmas I inherited my mother's "real deal" Nordmøre bunad.
I know! I can hardly believe it too!
I am wearing it in my profile picture;
a photo taken in 2008, when I was in Norway for the Syttende Mai. 
The Syttende Mai is the 17th of May National Day in Norway.
It's a day that is near and dear to any Norwegians heart; 
a day of love of country, 
family, good eats, and celebration.
Mor loaned me her bunad during that trip for that special day.
Now my heart fills with gratitude and joy as she has passed 
the national costume down to me last month.

The NVO and Mor collaborated, so the NVO knew the bunad was coming 
and he wanted to add something very special to it.
Boy, did he every hit the "special" nail on the head! 
This man is incredible, he supports all my Norwegian ways and even adopts them himself...
for instance, this is 2011's Christmas surprise:
A flagpole for the front yard in all it's USA and Norway glory!
Can you stand it?

Well, back to the story... 
(as many of you know I can go on and on about the NVO all day long, 
but this time I will spare you.)
 It all ended with this package arriving from a goldsmith in Rjukan Norway,
containing the official Nordmøre Sølje.
The NVO (ow, I am going on and on again, aren't I?)
corresponded with the goldsmith via the internet AND all his communications were in Norwegian.
This may be the best part of the gift...the gift of an American husband who has
become nearly fluent in Norwegian. 

Back to business...
photos from the the package from afar:
IMHO, absolutely breathtakingly gorgeous.
(I am hyperventilating as I write.)

Thank you Mor and the NVO 
for making my Christmas so special!
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And stay tuned for more posts on this latest bunad adventure.

Hoping you all had a 
very special Christmas 


  1. Replies
    1. Yes, I do feel very fortunate. These traditional items are not wasted on me. :-)

  2. Det blir nok ekstra stas å ha på den fine bunaden, sidan den er arva av mora di:) Mannen din veit visst å overraske! Det vert "prikken over i'en" å gå med den flotte sølja på bunadsskjorta:)
    God helg!

    1. You are so kind to be interested. I'm hoping you will post about your bunad sometime. :-) I love all the bunads!

  3. Nordmørebunaden er virkelig vakker. Og den nydelige søljen. Jammen er du heldig. Min oldemor kom fra Tustna på Nord-Møre, forresten. Hun utvandret til USA da hun bare var 16 år, og ble der i 10 år. Jeg har Telemarksbunad siden jeg er født i Kragerø. Føler meg aldri så fin som når jeg har bunaden på. Mannen min har Hardanger mannsbunad, og datteren min har Sunnmørsbunad som hun har arvet av farmoren sin. Gleder meg til flere bunadsbilder fra deg. Klem, Drude

    1. Thank you Drude. Oh I would like it if you posted about the three bunads that you mention. Very interesting about your great-grandmother. What brought her to the USA and what took her back to Norway? It's not so easy to move back anymore, lots of red tape. My mother was able to go back because she married her childhood sweetie after my father passed. I became a USA citizen when I was 8, and I am proud to be an American and a Norwegian, but would like dual citizenship, but it is not so easy.

  4. Replies
    1. Thank you Dana Lynne. I am glad you stopped by!

  5. What a wonderful gift . But I do believe that not only this brings joy for the present it self but also the fact that yr mother is passing this legacy to you and your husband exceeding all expectations by the way he made it so special to you... You are truly blessed and I'm so happy for you. ( my family lives in Brazil, my dad passed away not too long ago and I have a very good relationship with my mother which I cherish every day...) I'm truly very happy for you :)

    1. How well put! Thank you for being happy for me. I am sorry about your father, I hope you mother is doing well. Such a sweet comment.

  6. It IS breathtaking. What a rich cultural heritage you enjoy! And how nice that it comes with such beautiful trappings too. :)

    1. Oh yes, I am trapped by the trappings. I love the word!

  7. Ouhhhhhh, j'en apprends des choses ici ! C'est un beau cadeau de Noël !
    Pour mon cadeau de Noël j'ai reçu deux poules et un coq, un peu moins facile à porter en pendentifs :)
    Bonne journée !!

    1. Thank you for posting your gifts for me on your blog, my best French friend! They are lovely creatures. Your husband must love you very much to give you "un coq". :-)

  8. Ok now I understand what Nordmøre Bunad means. What lovely gifts you have received!