Thursday, January 10, 2013

Nordmøre Bunad Post #7 - Finale and Shoes

Bunad Shoes
I am unaware if there is an official bunad shoe from Nordmøre,
but these are the ones I have and will be wearing from this earlier post here.

Goodness gracious - shoes, jewelry, purses, belts, blouses and dresses...
What more could a girl want?
Hmmmmmmmm.... I wonder if there is an official Nordmøre bunad chocolate, 
a chocolate that one must eat while wearing the bunad?
If so, I wish it to be a Firkløver:
See this post about the Firkløver cake that was made in 2011.
I'm still thinking about it in all of it's hazelnut chocolate-y yumminess!!!

Thank you for joining me along the Nordmøre Bunad journey.
Perhaps someday I will have a professional photo taken in the bunad 
and the NVO in my father's bunad.

And in the words of my Norwegian friend
Drude :

"Føler meg aldri så fin som når
jeg har bunaden på."
("I never feel nicer/finer/prettier than when I am wearing a bunad.")


  1. Heisann. Ikke dårlig å bli sitert :-) har vært gøy å se detaljene i bunaden din. Når det nærmer seg 17. Mai vil jeg lage et innlegg om våre bunader. Ha det godt. Klem. D

    1. I loved your quote and couldn't agree more! I am looking forward to your 17 Mai bunad posts! I can hardly wait. Thank you!

  2. Eg har faktisk sydd bunadsko, for eg jobba på Dale skofabrikk i mange år. Fabrikken gjekk konkurs for 2 år sidan, og produksjonen er starta opp igjen på Voss. Her kan du sjå nokre av modellane som vi også hadde der eg jobba:
    Firkløver er godt, ja:) Eg er ikkje spesielt glad i nøtter, men denne sjokoladen går ned på høgkant.

    1. Now I know why you are such an excellent seamtress; you have had a lot of practice. Making bunad shoes must be difficult.

      Perhaps there's a different official bunad chocolate for your area then or maybe a diffent candy altogether. :-) I like Seigmenn too!

      Oh goodness, what beautiful shoes on that website. Did you make those gorgeous boots too?

    2. Hehe, Seigmenn er godt! Trur ikkje vi har noko spesielt bunadssnop her, nei:) Det er meir slik at eg forbinder bunad med 17. mai og is, og med det kjem isflekkar...
      Vi laga selskinnsstøvlettar der eg jobba, og eg ser at modellane er stort sett dei same. Ellers laga vi ein del småsko, grove støvlettar og permsko til forsvaret.

  3. Lovely from head to toe! That puppy is adorable. Have a fabulous Friday! Tammy

    1. Thank you Tammy. You are right the puppy is cute...a little strange in a bunad, but it's certainly very festive!

  4. I think your apron and purse are much prettier than the ones in the photo. Cute shoes too! Very classic and kind of courtly looking.

    P.S. No Firkløver cake for you, Paleo missy! (For a few weeks at least. Is it a good sign or a bad one that you're thinking about cake? And such a gorgeous cake too. Is it flourless?)

    P.P.S. My sis made some paleo peppermint patties for Christmas. Coconut oil and stevia inside; chocolate outside. Pure fat and very richly delicious. :)

    1. Mmmmm...the new bunad chocolate: Paleo peppermint patties! I like that idea. The cake is not flourless; I really can hardly even remember it. You are right it will be a long time, if ever, that I will partake in a treat like that. We have stayed really strong on this plan so far and we feel good!

      I'm glad you like the apron and purse - I agree, especially that embroidered purse.