Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Nordmøre Bunad Post #6 - Dress

Nordmøre Bunad Dress
Red is difficult to photograph, but in this photo, 
I am hoping you can see the rich brocade of the red fabric:
How about this exquisite ribbon?
Could it be spun silver mixed with spun pewter?
So very Norsk!!!
And could this gathered detail, at the hips, be slimming perhaps?
Gotta' love a slimming detail, that's for sure:
Speaking of slimming,
I am getting my exercise lifting this heavy dress. :-)
 And another lovely detail:
the black wool is layered on top of red wool.


  1. En effet le brocart est de toute beauté. C'est très riche comme étoffe, le galon de même. Magnifique ensemble !

    1. Agreed! You are a talented seamstress that could sew one of these for your region. :-) The Creative Domi Region...I picture it with embroidered roosters (and maybe a few eggs), some lovely flowers from you countryside on a dress in a beautiful coastal blue.

  2. Simply stunning! Such a beautiful piece of your history and homeland.

    1. Thank you. I'm hoping it can be handed down for several generations and those generations with feel the love and warmth of the country of their ancestors. :-)

  3. Wow, that is lovely ribbon. And brocade. And wool! I like the cartridge pleating too - such a nice effect. Also the way the red peeks out from under the black.

    P.S. Re photographing red - do you use a photo editing program? If so look for a "saturation" tool - turning the saturation down a bit can make the detail more visible on those bright colours. :)

    1. I couldn't agree more, Sue! We like the same stuff. :-)

      Thank you for the photography tip. I am going to try it. I photograph A LOT of red so if this works it will be so very exciting.