Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Birthday Berlinerkranser

The NVO had a birthday this week:
He received his favorite treat:
Norwegian Berlinerkranser
There are eight candles because 50 years ago the NVO was eight years old. 
(It's OK, baby, they can know how old you are; they are my friends.
Also, this will explain why you are so wise,
 in addition to why you are so tolerant of the "house of yarn".
Tolerance and wisdom comes with the years. ;-) )
See this post for the recipe for these cookies.
Here are a few photos of the process:
after the dough is made:
Classic Scandinavian Pearl Sugar
aka pärlsocker
Many of my American friends will mistake this as Margarita salt,
but this is indeed a crunchy yummy decorative sugar from the northern lands far away.
Certainly my Flemish and Swedish friends will recognize this delightful sprinkle immediately.
In addition the following were used, as well:
colorful festive birthday sprinkles
and one of the NVO's favorites:
Hot out of the oven:
Happy Birthday NVO!!!
You are my pearl sugar gunky bear, haha!


  1. Gratulerer til mannen din! Artig at han er så glad i Berlinerkransar. Eg har aldri laga slike småkaker, men dei er nok søte og gode med perlesukker på:)

  2. Looks too good to eat.

  3. Happy Birthday to NVO I hope he had a great day! the Berlinerkranser look yummy hope you saved one for me :)

  4. Oh I can just taste those berlinerkranser ... isn't it about time you had another giveaway? ;)

    Happy Birthday, NVO! We won't tell anyone how old you are. (But we may mention your wisdom and wonderful yarny tolerance.)

    P.S. I had to give up on the t-yarn Rockman project - t-yarn and Tunisian together were too hard on the wrists. So I made a (normal crochet) basket instead ... will post about it soon. (I'm a little bummed the Rockman didn't work out for this. But it would make a very cute square basket in regular yarn, don't you think? Starting with a sort of cross-shaped base, then bringing the sides up and stitching the corners together to form a box. Would be another great stash-buster, and you could make it any size you wanted.... Even a set of nesting boxes. Hmmm.)

  5. Yum, yum, yum, yum, yum! Wish I had some of those to go with my coffee right now. Happy birthday NVO. Best wishes, Tammy

  6. Happy Birthday to your hubby! The sweet looks delicious:)

  7. Ummmmmmmmm....yummy....I bit they are good.Nice weekend :0)

  8. Ah, ah, génial !
    Happy birthday NVO !!!!!!