Saturday, April 20, 2013

Spice/Herb Alter Ego

Our youngest #6 (Little Bug) had (has) a precocious and mischievous side.
Albeit, in the most endearing and entertaining way.

For many years, this intelligent, thoughtful and kind child had an alter ego she named "Cilantro". 
Cilantro was the cause of many strange happenings.
Many times the answer to the question, "Did you do that?"
 was, "No, it was Cilantro."

At nine years old, I came home one day to find her boiling a pot of hooves (treats for dogs), wearing a colorful shawl. When I asked her who she was and what she was doing, she exclaimed, in a most curious foreign accent "I'm Cilantro, the Hoof Hat Maker", and went about her business in the usual manner, boiling the hooves, creating quite the scent in the home and
talking about the hats she would sell at the market. 
I do not recall any hats actually being made from the hooves, though.
I believe the only things she made that day were "House Stinker Uppers".

Cilantro was also a dog for quite some time, as well. 
Meals were served in bowls on the floor and there was a lot of canine activity going on. 
She accompanied me to the bank one day, on all fours in a pretty little dress, barking all the way. 
The teller said "Oh, what cute dog, what is your name little puppy?" and Cilantro replied "Woof".
That must be "Cilantro" in dog speak.

Now this Little Bug is 23 years old and a very charming young adult.
She claims Cilantro is not around anymore, but I'm not so sure about that.
I'll see evidence occasionally that she is alive and well.
One such occasion was April Fools Day, if you catch my drift.

This week we are down South to accompany Little Bug on a Graduate School tour.
You see, Little Bug, would really like a MPH - Masters of Public Health.
We are so proud!
Hmmmm...I wonder if mastering ones health
would include lots of herbs and spices in the diet...
they say it could be true...

I've often thought about what spice/herb my alter ego would be.
I've come to the conclusion that she is named Cardamom. 
My alter ego is sweet, spicy and...unusual. :-)
 Cardamom is commonly used in Nordic baking such as Julekake, 
which is fitting for a former pastry chef and baker from Norway, right?
It's sort of expensive.
 I am not expensive...but my alter ego might be. ;-)

The NVO claims his is Basil.
It fits...
he's hardy, strong, sweet and occasionally fragrant,
(if you catch his drift. haha.)

Here's the start of our herb and veggie garden:
It's waiting for Mother's Day for outside planting.
That's the day the experts tells us we are safe
 to plant without the threat of a freeze in our region.

Cilantro and Basil are included, of course
Can you spot them in their infancy?
Here's a hint:
Cardamom is not included. 
I'm not sure if that is possible.

What is your spice/herb alter ego?
and why?
Would love to hear about it. :-)


  1. For et fint og morsomt innlegg! :-)
    Jeg vet ikke hva som er mitt krydder / urt alter ego, men det er sikkert noe blandingskrydder av noe slag :-)

  2. That is a very nice idea. What herb/spice would I be. Hmm. I have to think about that...

  3. Your daughter sounds like she kept you on your toes - in a fun way. I asked my husband what herb/spice I would be, and he said 'vanilla - just plain sweet'. He's funny sometimes. :)

  4. I think I must be parsley, a little sprinkle of me will brighten up your day and fill it full of flavour haha
    your daughter sounds like she has a lovely character and lots is of fun. :)

  5. What a cute story! My grandson has an invisible friend named Hithix. Hithix just got a dog. An invisible dog!! KIDS!!!
    The seedlings look good!!
    xo Kris

  6. Lovely....I love to garden ,another part of you ....nice.Love all different kind of ingredients cause I love to cook too....!I like this post.

    Happy Sunday !

  7. Such a lovely post and me, well I would like to be rosemary as
    I love it's smell ☺

  8. Charmante histoire :)
    Ici, j'utilise beaucoup d'herbes et épices pour cuisiner. Le midi nous mangeons des crudités et je les assaisonne d'ail, d'origan l'hiver, de ciboulette ou de persil l'été. J'adore le basilic avec les tomates. Dès que je peux je parsème mes plats d'herbes. La verveine sur les fraises, la menthe dans le taboulé :) Le thym et le laurier pour donner du goût à la cuisson des viandes. J'utilise la sauge pour cuire le porc. Et je fais du vin avec les feuilles du pêcher ;-)
    Etc., etc....
    Bonne semaine et bonne culture :)

  9. How very interesting! Your daughter sounds like she had quite the imagination. I love fresh cilantro in soups and salads. And just used ground cardamom to flavor the tomato soup I made for the kids. Not sure what spice I would be. Have a great week. Tammy

  10. I can spot baby basil at 100 yards! Cilantro too. :) (And do I spy squash plants?)

    Cilantro and basil are my two favourite herbs. And cardamom is a lovely spice - I especially like it with pears, and also green beans. It suits you down to the ground. (Was that a bad plant pun? Unintentional if so.)

    I have a great-niece who went through a dog phase, though not as extensive as Little Bug's. :)

    I think I might be nutmeg.

  11. Rosemary, nutmeg, vanilla, parsley - what spicy friends! And so fitting to each of you.

    Love your comments and love that you love herbs too!