Monday, April 15, 2013

Gift From the North

 This very thoughtful gift arrived in the mail last week,
from my dear blogging friend, Sonja, in Norway,
 Sonja sent this beautiful hand-made bag and a sweet card.
She is an excellent seamstress and
she loves blue.
I love blue, too.
And I love this bag!
Look how perfectly sewn it is.
Oh, how I admire the sewing ones!
And the inside is polka-dots, 
and I love polka-dots, too.
I don't think it is meant to be reversible,
but I think it works.
 It came just in time for a college trip we are taking with Little Bug next week.
You see, I needed a bag to carry a crochet project.
I have placed an unfinished project from last year in it,
(which happens to coordinate with the bag)
to work on during travel time.

Thank you so much Sonja!!!

Last July I started this rose project:
I still don't know what I am going to make from all the mohair roses from this post,
 but I will continue to:
Knit Crochet, Relax, Smile.

And make more roses until something comes to me.
or until y'all tell me what I should make with these.
(There were some great suggestions from that post last July, as well.)


  1. Its lovely Astri and what a wonderful friend Sonja is ☺☺
    The Swiss Mohair looks mighty lovely too. Cute flowers you clever girl.
    wendy in oz

  2. Oh,you are sooo lucky ;0).I like this little bag so much.
    Good to have nice friends.
    And the flowers,wonderful.
    Have a nice week.

  3. What a beautiful bag, Astri! And perfect for your coordinating crochet project. Those mohair roses joined together against a lacy trellis would make the most gorgeous shawl! Looking forward to seeing what you decide on as their final destiny! E x

  4. What a lovely thoughtful present Astri it's beautiful! I still think a shawl would fit the bill for those beautiful mohair roses, I look forward to seeing what you decide, have a great trip! xx

  5. Hello Astri, Wow so many beautiful "Blue" flowers...and such lovely and soft yarn makes for some very gorgeous crochet flowers... The Bag is also very pretty... Hmmmmmmmmmmm what to make, I am sure one day you will wake up and know exactly what to create with all the sweet wee roses. Hugs Judy

  6. C'est très drôle .... je suis en train de me dire que j'ai une commande à honorer et je viens voir ton blog. Il est magnifique ce sac !! Je fais des complexes ;-) (mais non !! It's a joke !)
    En tout cas j'aime beaucoup les couleurs.
    Bon, pour ma part, ça va venir, soon, perhaps, maybe, possibly, and certainly one day ;-)

  7. That bag is so very pretty. How I wish I knew how to sew. No patience for it now. Your flowers are lovely. I do love blue. Best wishes, Tammy

  8. What beautiful colours. The best projects are the ones that just happen. Still working on my sewing project and more besides.

  9. I really like that bag, what a pretty present! Those roses would make a gorgeous shawl joined together. I have tried joining the roses as you go and it worked pretty well, just replace the chain with a slip stitch to the appropriate rose. I'm sure whatever you come up with will be awesome, as always! :)

  10. Takk for fine ord:-)
    Kjekt å sjå at posen er komen i bruk allereie:) Artig med den tilfeldige fargematchen.
    Blir spennandes å sjå kva du har tenkt å bruke alle dei fine hekla blomstrane til.

  11. The different shades of blue are gorgeous. I love the roses and the bag is fantastic, so clever! Take care. Chel x

  12. Så fin pose til hekletøyet. Sonja er flink. Jammen er du heldig. D

  13. Love your new bag. I think you should make granny squares out of your roses for an afghan.


  14. I am so glad you all like the bag - isn't it swell?

    Yes, a shawl is the direction I have been thinking...however, I have not connected one before so I will have to get more info on that. Perhaps, Cogaroo can hook me up. A blanket would be pretty but might be too delicate?

    Thank you all for the time and interest in this post. So sweet!

  15. Hello. I recently found Annette's blog, My Rose Valley, and read her lovely blog for hours! I decided that since I enjoyed her blog so much, that surely she would have more wonderful blogs for me to enjoy on her blog roll. Which brought me to your blog. Oh my goodness...I read it all the way back to your first post. It did take a couple of days. I enjoyed each and every post. Such beautiful crochet. I saw a rose afghan at a friends house that she found at a thrift store. I was in love immediately with it. Now, after seeing yours, I am eager to make one of my own.
    Kris in So. California

  16. Wow, at first I thought she sent the roses too ... they coordinate so perfectly with that lovely, lovely bag.

    I can't help but picture a few more words on the yarn label: "Knit, relax, smile, repeat. (Frog, curse.)" It's so very pretty but I have a feeling it's a bear to frog. :) (Is that a mixed metaphor?)

    I like the shawl idea ... like a trellis with climbing roses. Just a very simple mesh-y stitch - chains and single crochets into the chain spaces....

    Or bunting.

  17. Nice bag, lucky you ;)

    Wishing you a great weekend!!

    Lluisa x