Sunday, May 19, 2013

Mind Change

The pillow or shawl or scarf dilemma changed 
after a shopping trip with my girlfriend.
We spotted some lovely shawl like scarves that made me think that the rose project
 from this post, needed to be a scarf/shawl instead of a pillow.
(Hey, I still have the gray roses...)
So this is what became of the blue roses that were once to be a pillow:
 A shawl/scarf thing, 
or a geranium frame? hehe.
This is last years geranium...can you believe it survived?
It's one of five that survived because of the NVO.
The NVO takes good care of the plants indoors during the winter. 
I am one of many Norwegians who LOVE geraniums!
We especially like them in our windows with lace curtains.

OK, OK back to the shawl/scarf.
(The geranium did give me the idea of pairing this scarf with red though.)
Oooooo...a combo I like: 
red and blue.
 From the back.
I ran out of yarn so the point is a little petal or maybe a heart. :-)
This entire project only took one skein of yarn:
The pattern is just simply the rose from my granny rose CAL,
and joined via the petals as I went along.
So super easy!
Can he worn tied or...

Tucked inside a coat collar would be nice too,
but the coats are put away for the winter (yee-haw!!!), 
so no photo of the coat option. :-(

But I like the back the best:
I'm walking backwards when I wear this, for sure!

Have a Pretty Spring day!


  1. Beautiful! I love red and blue together too. And I love geraniums!
    XO Kris

  2. This looks so beautiful from both the sides!! The color blue is very nice:)

  3. OOh Astri - Love it - great multipurpose design.
    Ali x

  4. So pretty and with the red, very Norweigan. I like the flexibility of your creative brain Astri! Jo xx

  5. Lovely shawl/scarf. Very clever.
    Be careful walking backwards.

  6. Astri - очень красиво! Мне тоже понравилось сочетание синего с красным.

  7. Very very pretty design Astri and it looks wonderful with your red blouse. Hugs judy

  8. It's very pretty - looks great with the red. :)

  9. Very pretty ! Love geraniums :)

  10. Så fint skjerfet er. Lyseblått og lekkert. Det var gøy å se bildene av dere i bunadene. Jeg fikk lese Familien hjemme hos min mor i dag. Så fint stykket om din mor og den nye/gamle kjæresten var. Skikkelig romantikk. Din mor så virkelig ung ut til å være 77. Kjekk mann også. Håper dere hadde en fin pinsehelg. Klem, Drude

  11. Just be careful when you are walking backwards;-) Very beautiful and yes, paired with the red it looks stunning.
    blessings, jill

  12. Very pretty Astri, I love the little heart at the back, I like it tied at the front it looks lovely :)

  13. Wow, what an interesting shape!! Beautiful roses and color as well, great ♥

  14. Maybe you should get a mirror to make walking backwards easier! :) I can't believe it was made from only one skein! And the heart at the back is so cute.

  15. Gorgeous Astri, so creative! Love your photos from the Norweigan Day - your costumes are fabulous! How nice to celebrate a great day.

  16. Y'all make me feel so good. Thank you for taking the time to leave comments!

  17. Très élégant !!!!!!!!!

  18. So very beautiful! I love the color! Especially with the pop of red from the shirt.
    Susan @ Felted Button