Saturday, May 4, 2013

Owls for My Peep

A custom order for my special friend "M".
She's the one that made the
"Break Bread with Friends" plate from this post.
She will soon be a grandmother again.
This time to a little guy.

This is for him:
It started with a blanket:
One owl at the top:
 One owl at the bottom:
Then there was still some yarn left:
So a softie for the new little guy and his sis, of course.
(Hey, since the softies used leftover yarn, do they count as a stash-buster?)
All packed up and ready for delivery and a delivery. :-)

Oh, and here's how you can make one, if you would like:
 A ripple afghan...this one has* eleven dc, then three in one, eleven dc,skip two*. 
Repeat from * to *.
(All yarn is Red Heart Soft, except the yellow is Stylecraft Special DK.)
The ends get a little tricky, so I searched youtube and found several tutorials that helped.
Seems like the secret is that once you  turn you skip two stitches.

Maybe you can see the stitches better here?:

The owls are just various circles, like the one from this post for a potholder,
joined by sc for the eyebrows and a little triangle for the nose.
The feet are three bobbles in a row.
the ears are sc in the middle and then increasing longer stitches at the ends.
The stem is a bunch of dc and then a random three dc in one and 
then a random skip two to make the stem go up and down.
Then sc down the other side.
The feet for this owl is crocheted into the stem, just figure out where you want them 
and put three bobbles in for each foot/claw.
The leaves are Lucy's from Attic 24.

Once again, as I like to say,
"Babies, a reason to crochet."


  1. Astri. It's enchanting! I love it! Works beautifully in those colours and yes, I'd say it definitely counts as a wonderful stash buster! May just have to hook up a cute owl later today just because! What a lovely idea for a new baby pressie. E x

  2. So cute!!!! Owls are all the rage!!!
    XO Kris

  3. WOW! The colours are stunning and the little owl on the stem <3 A very modern approach of a baby blanket. So wonderful!

  4. Soooo very cute...I love baby blankets, baby bibs and all baby things. This one is just absolutely lovely :) this baby is a very lucky one ...his Mama will love it also. And I think I would say it counts as a stash buster :)

  5. So so cute the owls on the blanket! Your color choice is perfect for a little boy. Am sure he is going to be thrilled with his soft toys! and totally agree with "kids - a reason to crochet "!

  6. Your owls are super cute. :) I love that the they are round rather than oval.

  7. Kjempefint sikksakk-teppe! Uglene pynta fint opp på teppet og gjorde det litt meir spennande for ein liten gut:)

  8. This is so beautiful and such a clever idea. Brilliant!

  9. It s very beautiful, Astri!! :) babies- reason to crochet very true indeed!! and baby blankets are soft, lovely and quick projects to work:)

  10. fantastic!! I like so much, i maked a few days a gift for a new grandmother, yo can see it in my blog. Kisses

  11. C'est super sympa comme cadeau et tellement utile, j'aime beaucoup. Merci pour le tuto :)
    Bon dimanche !!!!!

  12. That is just about the cutest blanket - the little owls are adorable. :)

  13. Happy Sunday Mrs Astri!.....what a gorgeous baby blanket....everything you make is a special jewelry .This is great.Love the owls too.You are awesome.I have to start making some for my future granddaughter.After my vacations I will start with something for her.
    >>>>>>>>>>>Xo,Xo,Xo>>>>>>>>>>>>> Luna :)

  14. Hello Astri, Your Owl Blanket and Owl Softies are very sweet and pretty gift. I am sure they will be treasured.. Hugs Judy

  15. Absolutely adorable! Have a great day. Tammy

  16. This is so cute! For the blanket, how many do you need to chain in the beginning?

    1. Hi Caroline, Start with 165 and then undo any that are not needed at the end of the starting chain. I hope that helps. :-)

  17. Gorgeous Astri! Love your cute owls :-)

  18. OOh Astri your blanket and accompanying owlets are bea-hoot-iful!
    Such lovely shapes and colours - so effective.
    Ali x

  19. They are going to love it. it is so cool!

  20. That's going to be one lucky baby, decked out in yarny goodness! If I can ever pick some colors I might have to make one of those owls. :)

  21. I'd like to try making a ripple blanket. Maybe once I'm done with the pillow sham I'm working on. Thanks for the pictures. I don't have a pattern for it yet.

  22. How adorable! The little owls are too cute!

  23. Koselig teppe med ugler på! :-) Så heldig den lille gutten (og mamma'n!) er!

  24. How lovely Astri, lovely blanket and cute little owls :)

  25. The best colours for a boy, the injection of yellow is fabulous. I think it is a lovely gift and they will be thrilled, let's hope people coo at the baby too and not just the blanket!! Jo x

  26. Absolutely counts as a stash buster! What a great job on those owls ... I like the proportions very much. And the branches are fantastic. Nice work! :)

  27. Oh Astri- this little blanket and owls are so adorable. I love the vibrant colors-- it's just so beautiful-- you are truly talented girlfriend--

  28. Oh what a wonderful set!! The blanket is beautiful and the softies sooo cute!! ♥

  29. oh that is just an adorable present, the little owls are so cute and I love them on the blanket