Saturday, May 18, 2013

Syttende Mai Dancers

 The Scandinavian Dancers!!!
That's the NVO second from left, in the back, (in my father's former bunad)
   and me third from the left, in the front, in the recently inherited bunad from my mother
and posted about in the following posts:
The NVO on the left, and our leaders Gwen and Tom in the front and Stacey and Ken in the back,
dancing for the Syttende Mai celebration in Utah.

Happy Syttende Mai!!!


  1. You both look smashing!! I loved previous post too. I am in love with Encore yarn! Did an afghan for my Mom with is. So soft and yummy!
    xo Kris

  2. Love the pictures and thnk you for sharing your culture and traditions! So beautiful! You both look wonderful.

  3. J'aime vous voir dans vos jolis costumes traditionnels. Le sourire radieux que vous avez aux lèvres dénote d'un bonheur ambiant. Vous formez un très joli couple, on sent beaucoup d'amour entre vous deux !!
    Passez un excellent week-end de Pentecôte, Bisoussssssssssss

  4. What a lovely couple! I love all the colour in your costumes and the fact that you are keeping tradition alive. Have a wonderful week. Chel x

  5. Astri, какие красивые у вас костюмы! И это так замечательно, что вы любите и храните свои традиции. Вы такая прекрасная пара! Счастливой вам недели!

  6. Beautiful outfit! Love it! What a lovely picture of the two of you :)

  7. Lovely pictures !! You look so sweet :)